Monday, September 17, 2012


Our family took a little "leap of faith" this summer and let our girls go away to camp. The big girls went for two weeks and Gracie girl went for one week. I was a nervous wreck about sending them, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. Camp Balcones Springs in Marble Falls is beautiful, and the Christian atmosphere was just what we were looking for for our girls. They made some great friends, and got to do some wonderful fun activities. They can't wait to go back next year! Here are some pictures of the girls from the summer with their new friends. :-)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Still catching up from summer!

The next "big event" that happened for our family was that Kate won the All American Cheerleader award at summer camp! We were so proud for her. It also meant that she qualified to be in the Houston Thanksgiving Day parade this year, as an UCA All American. So we are off to cheer BIG in Houston this November! :-)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Playing catch up...

Ok, so maybe I WILL try to document a few things we did over the summer, even though it will have to be off my phone... If I load pics from my real camera onto my computer, I am quite sure it will crash it!!!

So... Family vacation in June was to Roatan, Honduras. Paradise.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Shock...

...of you actually realizing that I am posting might just be TOO MUCH, I know, since I have not posted since JUNE, but try and hold it together, internets... try and hold it together.

My computer is on the verge of death, and will die any day, I feel certain, and my internet service is so slow it will barely allow me to do anything... "Country -fried Internet" does not even describe it anymore.  I must find a new solution soon, but we have had a FEW other things to get done first.  We have a LIST, people, a LIST.  And, really, the computer and the internet DO STILL WORK... SORTA...

The last time I posted was the first weekend of summer, and this is the 2nd weekend after school has started... Wow.  We had QUITE THE SUMMER.  We went to Honduras, built a swimming pool, sent the girls away to camp for the first time, and had all sorts of other assorted fun.  More than I could ever hope to even describe in one post... Maybe I will attempt to play catch up one post at a time, or maybe I won't, and we will just describe this as "the lost summer" and leave it at that...

Kate is running cross country, playing volleyball and basketball, playing in the band, and cheering at the moment.  We are a little busy.  Abby is gearing up for soccer, and Grace is begging me to start gymnastics, though I am not quite sure how to squeeze that in... I guess I will try.  Luke is training for his first full Ironman Triathlon, which is in Florida in early November.  I am juggling everyone else's schedules.  :-)

Maybe this will be a return to blogger for me, and maybe it won't... We'll see... I make no promises, since my life has as much certainty as a lit birthday candle in a windstorm these days!  :-)