Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy days...

This last week has been crazy busy for us... the kind of busy that kind of leaves your head spinning.  School has started, with all the fun that school brings, and we're all pretty tired...

Needless to say, I've been a little busy and haven't blogged a whole lot.  " Life " has been happening here at "casa de Killian".

SO... with that being said, I'll leave you with my current "favorite" picture of Miss Grace.Yes, she's sitting on my couch, and YES, she's holding a chicken, and YES, she's reading the chicken a book about chickens (duh... what else would you read to a chicken?!?!?)

Don't ask... it's a long story...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Twas the Night Before School...

'Twas the night before school started,
and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring,
except for the pet mouse.

The new backpacks were hung
on their hooks with care,
just waiting for morning...
the time was almost there!

The children were nestled
all snug in their beds,
while visions of new crayons 
danced in their heads.

And mom in her old t-shirt
sat still on the chair
thinking that once morning comes,
she'll have hardly a care!

Except, "Will they like their new classes?"
"Will their lunches be all right?"
"Can she reach the hook on her locker?"
Oh... this may be a long night...

"Should I walk them to class,
or drop them at the door?"
"Will they remember their manners,
or leave their stuff all over the floor?"

"Have I taught them all the things
that they really need to know,
Will they feel confident about themselves
and let their true feelings show?"

Thoughts ran wild
through Mom's head,
But by bedtime she knew,
she had nothing to dread.

She had taught them the way
In which they should go,
Once they got to school,
the right way they will know.

She could let them go on,
with a hug and a kiss
even though she knew, tomorrow,
her babies she would miss!

She locked all the doors
and turned out the lights,
but not before going upstairs
and kissing each baby "good night."

And I heard her exclaim
as she crawled into bed,
"Happy New School Year to all!
We have nothing to dread!"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Teacher Night

Last night was "Meet the Teacher" night for my oldest two kid-o's.

Pictures, you ask?

Of course not... I forgot the camera.

Not that you all would be SURPRISED by that... I always forget the camera!!

Any-hoo, it was a success, and now the girly's are ready to go back to school.  They were quite excited to see all their friends.  Actually, believe it or not, yesterday was the VERY FIRST TIME all summer that I have heard one of them say "I'm bored".  That's pretty good...

We have a FULL weekend planned on this, our last weekend before we go back to school.  At first I though I'd try and make them go to bed early and practice getting up early, but then I thought, "Oh, well... why ruin the last few days of summer?"  (Really, I'm thinking why ruin my last few days of sleeping late? ha ha)

Enjoy the last few days, my friends!!  Monday is quickly approaching...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We took the girls out to the farm and took them fishing in the pond.  What fun!  While we were out there, just look what we found hiding in the tall grass!Yep, it was the cutest little baby goat you've ever seen.  We loaded him up in the back of the truck and took him back to the goat herd.  It was AMAZING to watch him find his mama... he cried one time, and she came running.  None of the other mama goats even turned their heads to look at him!!

After helping "baby goat" find his mama, we did a little fishing.  All the kids caught fish!

In this pic, Abby and Grace both caught a fish at the same time.

Here I am with Grace and her fish.  She named him "Flippy".   She was quite upset when we threw him back!!  After a few minutes, she caught another fish, and she got REALLY excited, and shouted, "Flippy!!  You came back to me!"  
Here's Kate with her fish.  Note the beads... one can't go fishing without the PERFECT accessories!!!!!
We had a ball going fishin'!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

20 Years? Amazing!

This weekend, I had plans to go to my 20th reunion of my high school class back in Arkansas.

However, because of the move, I did lose touch with most of those friends back home.  20 years later, (GASP!  That's a long time!) these same friends planned a reunion and were nice and thoughtful enough to include me.  I was excited about it, and had planned to go for months.

Here I am with one of my DEAREST childhood friends, Debbie.  She still looks just like she did 20 years ago.  Amazing.

This is my friend, Andy.  He grew up and quit playing pranks on everybody and is now a lawyer.  Amazing.

This is me with Abby and Kate, walking up to the family picnic.  My friend, Jason, was waiting at the gate taking photos of everyone as they walked in.  The expression on my face is pretty funny.  I was seeing everybody for the first time.  Amazing.
Here is a picture of all the classmates that came to the picnic.  Amazing.
And, finally, here is a pic of all the classmates from the dinner that night.  Amazing.
I had an "amazing" time, and it was all thanks to my AMAZING husband, who knew that I needed to go and see these people from 20 years ago.  

Thanks, babe.  I love you very much, and am so lucky because you are AMAZING!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Camping 2009

Last week we went on a big camping trip to the Palo Duro Canyon.  It was wonderful!  How can I describe it?  Beautiful, hot, busy, mosquito-ridden, wild... I can't even think of enough words.  I didn't even know this place existed until a few months ago, and now it is a place where we will surely return.

Look at the sun shining down across that red soil...
We also went to see the musical "Texas" in the Pioneer Ampitheater in the canyon.  Our camp site was so close we just walked over to the show.  Folks, it was FANTASTIC.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  The girls LOVED it.  Here we are, waiting for the show to start.
Before the show, they pick a child out of the audience to go up on stage and do a little singing and dancing for the audience.  Wouldn't you know it, Kate was the kid chosen!  HOW did he know that she loves the spotlight?  I don't know, but she loved it.  Here's my little star...
Here's hubby with the girls on the rim of the canyon.
And here are Kate and Abby, out hiking in the canyon.
There was SO much more that we did, but (as usual), my country-fried internet makes the uploading of more pics truly painful.  If I'm feeling adventurous, I might try and upload some more tomorrow.  

If you have a little time, say a quick prayer for Miss Gracie.  She's pretty sick right now... fever, stomach stuff, and an ear infection.  She's on medicine, but pray that she heals quickly.  We are trying to sneak in one more quick trip this weekend before school starts, and we ARE NOT GOING if she's throwing up!  Nobody would enjoy that...

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More SMC Pics...

Just in case you hadn't seen enough pics from SMC '09, here come some more!! :-)  I promised some "close-up" shots of the stage and the scenery, which the children made in craft class.  (Just as an aside, let me say, "Sweet Mercy!!!  My country-fried internet took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to upload these.  It was painful, friends.  Painful.  And then, blogger didn't even put them in the order in which I loaded them!!  Grrr.")  OK!  Enough of my little fit there... on with the show (in no particular order!! ha ha)

Around the baptistry, we made huge crowns.  The kids cut out and glittered giant jewels to adorn these crowns, because the name of the musical was "Good KINGS Come in Small Packages."  (Get it: kings... crowns... I know you're feeling me here!)  Then we took brightly colored gossamer fabric and draped it around the crowns.  There were crowns on both sides of the baptistry, which framed the cross at the back.
The best parts of the stage BY FAR were the HUGE 11 foot long banners that the kids painted to look like giant  stained glass windows.  We made these out of black canvas and then used painters tape to make it look like stained glass.  Then the kids painted it with shiny iridescent paint, so it looked like the "windows" were illuminated from the other side.  Then we took gold fabric and made symbols from the musical to adorn each pane of the "window".  I still can't believe how well these turned out.  I love them!
During part of the musical, the kids sang a song about the 10 commandments.  One of the gals working on the musical spent the better part of the week making these numbers (one through ten, of course) out of foam insulation board.  After she painted them black, we took them and used the pre-schoolers hands to make hand prints all over them.  Then, during the song, as the children sang about each commandment, a child held up the corresponding number.  They turned out super cute, even if T.J. did have to work on them for a week!!  ;-)  Here is number 10:
So, finally, here is a shot of the entire stage.  It looked great!  
Thanks, craft team, and thanks CAMPERS, for a job well done!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

FBC SMC 2009

It's a "photo fest" today, all about our church's Summer Music Camp last week.  We were fortunate enough to have a professional photographer document our week, and then make all the images available to us.  SO... even on the days where I forgot my camera, I have photos!  LOVE IT!!!

I love this photo... This is Abby and Hope, who were both in the Yellow Yak Group.  They both wore an old VBS shirt, which said "Upon this rock I will build my church."  Perfect message, since these kids are the future of our church and our faith.Miss Grace was a Purple Panda for the week.  She particularly enjoyed crafts...

Here is the FABULOUS crafty staff...
... and here is "Little Purple Riding Hood."  I don't know why, but she adored the purple bandana that her group leader gave her, and insisted on wearing it like this.
Here is the group photo of all the campers and staff.  You can see the stage a little bit here, but I'll upload a close-up of it from my camera later.
Here is our fabulous music minister, John, leading all the little singers. (Abby is right there in front in her Yellow shirt.)
Here's Miss Ab, singing loudly.
Grace, playing hard.
Here I am, helping Kate and Miss Trinity paint the banners.  Look at all that tape!  We placed each piece of tape on, one at a time before the kids started to paint.  It took FOREVER!!!!
Here is Miss Abby at "water day".  Safe to say, she's having a blast!
Gracie loves the bubbles.
Here is Kate, who played the role of one of the palace cooks, named Elizabeth.  She's practicing her solo here.
During rec time, Bridgette came up with some FUNNY games.  Not only did the kids bob for apples...
... they also bobbed for VEGETABLES, like potatoes and even carrots!
Here are kate and Grace with friends inside the Moon Jump at the Carnival on Friday.
It was a fabulous week.  Thanks to everyone who had a part in it, especially our Music Minister, John!  John and his lovely wife, Lindsay, are moving on to a new call at a new church, and we will miss them SO MUCH!!  Thanks for all you've done, and good luck!  We love you!