Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Update...

Thanks, internet friends... you made me laugh with your comments.  I DO believe the jeep has tried to commit suicide... that makes perfect sense.

Today was better.  I am now driving around in a rental car.  A WAY cool Buick.  (As you know, those two words, "Cool" and "Buick" do not co-exist!)  So, you know the kind of car I'm talking about.  But I don't care.  It rolls down the road, which is better than I can say for my jeep right now.

To make my week even better, I have TOTALLY lost my voice.  I was trying to talk to hubby on the phone today, and he said (and I quote), "You sound just like a squeaky little old lady!"  I said, "Fabulous, because I am already driving around in her car!"

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a day...

I have to tell you, internets, it was NOT a good day.

I crashed my car today.

I am fine, but my very cool jeep is NOT ok.  

In fact, it is not drivable.

This does not make me happy.  

In fact, I am very sad, as the accident was my fault.

Luckily, no one else was involved.  I hit a pole in a parking lot.  This doesn't sound too bad, but MY LANDS!!!  You should see my jeep!  It looks like I plowed head on into a 747 jet liner!  It is totally crushed... bumper, grill, hood, everything.  Smoke was flowing out the top, and so I decided to quickly limp to the local body shop before it died on the road.  Carlos (body shop man) took one look at it and just shook his head.  He didn't look real hopeful that there wasn't engine damage.  I am TELLING you folks, I could not have been doing over 5 mph when I hit the pole.  No WAY could it be that bad... but apparently it is.

And I am bummed.  And feeling really stupid.  So say a prayer for me... clearly I need it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did it all by myself...

...look, Bonnie!  I added your site to my sidebar, and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!  Shelley didn't have to do it for me, or even walk me through it!  (However, I will NOT tell you how long it took me to figure it out! ha ha!)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Looky here, everyone!!  It's another baby girl for the Killians!!Not really... we were lucky enough a few weeks ago to get to babysit for our dear friends.  Let me just say, Baby Harper was a joy!  We think we could handle another little one if she was like her!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abby and Kasidy's Birthday Party

We FINALLY got around to having a party for Abby's 7th B-day yesterday... YES, I know it's almost a full month after her real birthday, but we have had MAJOR STUFF going on every weekend since her big day... call, Triathlon, Palm Sunday, Easter... the kind of stuff we couldn't actually reschedule.  After to talking to a friend of mine whose daughter ALSO has recently had her 7th b-day, we realized that they both wanted to have the same part (at Build-a-B*ar), and they both wanted to invite each other and the same little friends.  SO... by the time we added in all the sisters, we had 8 young ladies to take to the party.  We went there and then to a wild lunch at Peter-Pip*r Pizza... it was a fabulous day, and I think you can see from the photo that ALL the girls had a great time.  I do have other pictures, but only because Luke remembered the camera.  (I forgot it, true to form!)  I will try and upload them later.  For now, Happy Birthday Abby and Kasidy!  Thanks for having a great idea for a great party!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

...and she's back for a brief update...

Oh, hello there, internets.  I do apologize for the impromptu little "bloggy-break" there... life has been happening at our house this week.  I've had a few days here where I literally can't get everything done... and THIS time it's not just me being lazy or inefficient!!  It's just all TOO MUCH on our little family schedule!!  However, I do recall from years past that Spring is just traditionally crazy.  Too many kids with too many sports and school commitments will just overwhelm anyone.  Easter was wonderful, but busy.  We've played a few T-ball games and a few softball games and practiced and had a few family birthdays (Happy Birthday to my nephew, John, and my niece, Claire.  Aunt Betsy loves you!)  My car has died YET AGAIN, and is in the shop.  I have to tell you, internets, my love affair with my ultra-cool car is pretty much over.  Right now I'd settle for a very UN-cool car, if it would just roll on down the road reliably.  Any suggestion, readers?  What do you drive, and do you love it or hate it?  Does it leave you stranded on the road?  I'm needing some guidance here... 

Happy Thursday, internets.  I've missed you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

May you have a wonderful, blessed, and meaningful Easter.  He is risen; He is risen, indeed!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Official" Re-Cap of my Triathlon...

I promised to tell you the "saga" that was my triathlon, so here goes!

We got up at 5:00, and made it to the race site by 5:30, which was WAY too early.  Luke dropped me off, and then took the kids to eat breakfast at IHOP, because his race was on Sunday.  I went in and found my spot in the transition and got it all set up. Then I had time to wait and get nervous.

I almost backed out when I saw how long the swim was, but my brother-in-law, Matt, and his girlfriend, Leslie, were there to talk me out of it.  So, I decided to just go for it.  I wanted to get in the water to see how cold it was and get used to it, so I walked in at the beach.  Unfortunately, there were oyster beds there, and I cut my feet up!  They were stinging in the salt water and bleeding everywhere.  Great.  I could just imagine the sharks smelling the blood!  I got out of the water and tried to kinda get them to stop bleeding. By the time my wave of racers entered the water, they weren't bleeding too badly.   I had also lost my goggles somewhere here at home, and I was going to use a pair of Luke's.  Unfortunately, when I got into the water and went under for the first time, they filled up with water.  Hmmm... note to self... don't start a race with a new, untried pair of goggles!  So, 20 strokes into the race, I took off the goggles and threw them into the water.   One of the lifeguards got them and yelled to me that she would take them up to the start and leave them there for me.  I said, "Don't bother!!"  So then, I had to try and swim a 1/3 mile race without sticking my head in the water.  I side stroked and breast stroked and back stroked... as long as I was making forward progress, I wasn't too bothered with my speed.  As I was swimming along, an over-zealous swimmer from the next wave came up and was passing me and WHACK!  He hit me so hard in the face that I LITERALLY saw stars.  I rolled over on my back and just floated for awhile until I could see straight.  A lifeguard hollered out to ask me if I was OK.  I assured her I was all right.  Once I was oriented again, I rolled over and began breast stroking again.  By then, I was about half-way finished.  I kept swimming, just like Dory said from Nemo.. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."  All of a sudden, my calf muscle cramped up SO BADLY I couldn't stand it!  I squealed and rolled over on my back, so I could float and try to stretch out the muscle.  I finally got it worked out a little bit, and backstroked for a little while to rest my calf.  Anytime I tried to kick it would begin to cramp up again.  SO, I decided to just roll over and try to shut my eyes really tight and just swim free style as hard and as fast as I could.  Then I would open my eyes and see where I was.  Then I would re-aim myself in the right direction and swim again, only using my arms, because if I kicked, my calf would cramp up.  This was a good tactic... I covered some distance this way, and was able to finish the swim.  However, I was TIRED by now, and came up out of the water walking.  Definitely NOT running.  Luke and the girls and Leslie were there, waiting to see if I was alive or if I was shark bait!  The wet suit strippers helped me get out of my wet suit, which I threw over the fence to Luke.  He said, "What do you want me to do with this?"  I said, "I don't care!"  I walked on in to the transition area, and started to catch my breath.  I ate a little energy bar and drank some water and started to feel better.  I went on out on the bike, and I actually started to feel pretty good.  It was a nice ride... right along the sea wall, where you could see the ocean.  The wind was really blowing, though... 15-18 mph.  Not fun!  But, at least the course was flat.  I knew that things were OK when I actually had the thought, "I am so glad I ONLY have to run a 5K now!"  In the past, the run has been the part that I dreaded!  I cruised into transition and began the run, which went really smoothly (even with cut feet!!)  I ran the whole thing without walking!  Yay for me!

Believe it or not, even with all the technical difficulties, it was still really fun!  I can't wait to "tri" another one!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Survived!!

This weekend, hubby and I went to Glaveston to participate in the Lone Star Tri.  I was a little apprehensive, as I was NOT completely prepared.  That whole "pneumonia" thing got in my way there!!  I almost backed out, but decided to just give it a "tri".

I'll have to share my full story with you tomorrow (it's pretty funny), but for now, let's just say that I did it!  I swam 1/3 of a mile, biked 12.5 miles, and ran 3.2 miles.  Yay for me!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you have time today, say a prayer for my nephew, Aidan, who had surgery to remove his tonsils yesterday.  He's fine, but now the recovery begins.  And, that's the hard thing to explain to a 2 year old!  Pray for healing.  Pray for strength, patience, and stamina for his parents.

And, while you're at it, if you have any prayers left, pray for Randy.  He's one of Luke's partners.  He also had surgery today on his neck.  It's scary.  But he also came through surgery fine, and we are hopeful he'll make a full recovery.

Prayer is powerful.  Let's ask God for all his healing power for these two great guys!