Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Music Camp

Today was the first day for our church's annual Summer Music Camp.  For the past two summers, our insane Music Minister has put on a full day (8:00 - 3:00) camp for school aged children in which they learn an ENTIRE Christian Musical in one week.  Sounds crazy, right?  It is, but it can be done.  They did an amazing job last year, and I am quite sure they will manage to pull it off again.  This year they are learning "It's Cool in the Furnace", which is the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  (I'm quite sure I misspelled those names, but oh well!!)  They sing, act, make the props, make the scenery, participate in bible classes, play games, eat... you name it, they do it!!  

I'll try and keep you updated, and maybe even take some photos of the musical in progress... they perform it this Friday evening!!  

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gracie Woes...

Oh, me... what to do with Grace???  

She now routinely says she is not going to pre-school in the Fall... I think she's serious!

She told Ju-Ju, our loving baby-sitter, the following direct quote:  "Everybody thinks I'm going to go up to that pre-school and be nice, but I'M NOT!!!"

When I told her to "Be Nice" yesterday, she began to cry and said, "I don't know how!"

What am I going to do with her?!?!?!?!?  How do I deal with this kind of stuff?  I'm so inexperienced with this kind of stuff... my first two were always just "nice".  


Thursday, July 24, 2008


I TOTALLY stole this off of my friend Lisa's blog (you can find her link over there on the left side... I'm too lazy to make a link right now!) Any-hoo, this is SO US right now!!! I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud until I snorted!! Thanks, Lisa, for the good laugh!!

A Mother’s Mid-Summer Prayer

By Debbie Farmer

Dear God,

Grant me the strength to last until Back-to-School Night.

Give me the energy to drive the swim team carpool, take knots out of wet shoelaces with my teeth and untangle the dog from the sprinkler hose.

Grant me the wisdom to remember the name of the redheaded kid from down the street who hasn’t left our house since June.

Walk with me through the backyard over piles of wet bathing suits and empty ice cream cups, to rescue my good lipstick from the bottom of the wading pool.

Give me the courage to accept that everything in the refrigerator either has a bite out of it, had a finger stuck in it or is reproducing in the vegetable crisper underneath the expensive cheese.

Guide me down the hallway to the laundry room, where I can experience five minutes of peace and quiet by turning the lights out and climbing on the dryer so the kids can’t see my feet underneath the door.

Help me accept that fact that even if I take the kids to the circus, install a pool in the backyard, go on a safari, and carve a redwood tree into a canoe and sail down the Congo, my children will end each day with “I’m bored.”

Grant me the serenity to smile when my husband insists on tossing the Hamburger Helper on the gas grill because “everything tastes better barbecued.”

In your infinite wisdom, show me how to disconnect the video game console that hasn’t been turned off since June 10.

Comfort me when I realize the color of my earth-tone carpet has changed into a mixture of melted blue Popsicle and the remains of somebody’s purple slushie.

And if I ask too much, God, just give me the foresight to know that one day—not too many years from now—the barbecue, television and sprinkler hose will be off; the refrigerator, front door and garage will be closed, and I will wonder where my children—and the little redheaded boy with the glasses—went.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More "Beach - y" Fun...

One of our favorite things we did was take a loaf of bread to the beach and feed the sea gulls.  The girls thought it was so funny to watch them dive and swoop through the air to catch a little food!!  This was what they looked like right above our heads.Here I am with Abby, throwing the bread to the greedy gulls.  (As I look at the pictures from the beach, I think this is the only one that I am actually in... I was doing most of the picture-taking, I guess. Unfortunately, I was forced to wear a swimsuit!  AAK!)
After we left the beach, we drove over to Corpus Christi to see the Texas State Aquarium.  Friends, it was WORTH the drive.  It was GREAT!!!  The kids loved it, and we really did take a lot of photos there - I'll post some more of them later.  But, my favorite story from there involved a certain little blonde girl ... She might look a little like this picture...
We were listening to one of the employees give a talk about the sharks in the tank.  She was saying that each day they feed the sharks MACKEREL.  Gracie pipes up (quite loudly, I might add,) and says "REALLY?!?!?  I LOVE MACARONI!  I EAT IT ALL THE TIME!!!"  The woman giving the little talk just cracked up.  It was truly, truly funny.  It was a "Grace" moment.

Happy Monday... hope the week goes well!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation Pics

At long last, I am finally taking time to upload some photos from our recent Port A beach vacation.  We had so much fun!  Mind you, all of these pics were taken with one of those disposable water-proof cameras, so the quality IS NOT great, but I didn't want to take my lovely Canon down and get sand all in it.  Call me crazy!

Here are Abby and Katie playing in the sand.  They just loved getting all dirty and sandy!  Look at all that sea weed!  YUK!Here is Gracie with a sand castle.  (Notice I didn't say "our" sand castle... It was just one that somebody else had built on the beach!!!)

Here is Luke boogie-boarding with all the girls.  They love it!  Ridin' the waves with Daddy!
Here's Luke clowning around with some of that sea weed that was EVERYWHERE!!
And here is "King Triton" (Luke), who is the proud papa of these two little mermaids! (They made their mermaid fins out of sand.  Note Gracie's arm as she walks out of the picture there... she wanted NO PART of being buried in the sand!!)

I have more photos, but they will have to wait for another day... the big girls are coming home today, and I still have a few more projects to accomplish before they arrive!!  

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Checking In...

Hello, amigos!

Just checkin' in and saying "hi".  

I have crawled out from under the laundry pile and am back to "normal" life.  Not really Normal... I still only have one child here at home.  The older girls are coming home on Friday, and they have been having a "fantabulous" time playing with their  grandparents and their cousins.  I wish they missed me, but I think they are having too much fun!

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!

Monday, July 14, 2008

We're Back!

Hello!!!  We are back from our big vacation!!  Actually... some of us are back.  After we went to Port A, went trucked on down to McAllen to visit Mom and Dad.  Kate and Abigail decided to stay with their grandparents for a week!  So far, I think they are making it OK!  

I'll try and post some pictures soon... just as soon as I find the camera bag!!

Wish me luck with the unpacking...

Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi, internet-y people!  We are on vacation this week in the lovely town of Port Aransas.  We were afraid it was going to rain every day (which was forecasted).  So far, it has rained some every day, but as soon as it stops raining, we've headed to the beach! Actually, the first day we went TO the beach in the rain, because it was just sprinkling a little... the kids thought it was GREAT!  Luke and I have decided we like this weather... overcast skies mean it's not so HOT!  The pools here are fabulous, too.  They have big water slides, and waterfalls.  One of the pools is only 2 feet deep, so Grace can even swim without floaties.  She's in heaven1

So, that's me checking in!  We're having fun!  Chat soon!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Matt Update!!

Thanks, friends, for praying for my crazy brother-in-law, Matt.  He is safely home, back on good ole' USA soil (just in time to celebrate the 4th of July... MY!  What a patriotic guy!) :-)

He is doing well.  Young Life provided him with a "lovely" French nurse, Joslyn, who flew the entire trip home with him.  Apparently she helped him through customs, sat with him in "business class", took his vital signs, etc. etc.   Matt said she was part nurse, part body guard, and he would LOVE to have her travel with him every time he needs to go anywhere!!  We are just thankful that he is at home, feeling pretty well (considering he has a broken neck!)  He begins the task on Monday of seeing lots of specialists to see exactly what kind of damage he really has.

Welcome home, Matt.  You scared us.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Country Livin'

What is the worst thing about living in the country?  

I know you've asked yourselves at times... 

Could it be the chicken poop on your back porch?  No.  

Could it be the cows, who ate Luke's onions that he worked so hard to grow?  Nah.  

Could it be the raccoons who are STILL trying each and every night to break into our chicken coop? Nope. 

Could it be the SKUNK that was eating cat food on my porch a few nights ago?  Nu-uh.

 Could it be the eight-mile trip (one way) into town just for a Sonic drink?  No (but that is close to the top of my list! ha ha)  

How about not having a neighbor close from whom I might borrow a cup of sugar?  Not even close - I kinda like that!!  

How's about the 30 mile drive to the nearest Wal-Mart?  Nope.   That isn't it, either.

THE WORST THING ABOUT LIVING IN THE COUNTRY IS THE INTERNET SERVICE!!!!!  My "supposedly" high-speed satellite internet is so painfully slow that I can hardly upload a picture.  This is why my posts lately have been so plain... I just don't have the TIME (or patience) to try and upload them when it is SOOOOOO SSLLOOWWWWWWWWW!!!  

OK - I'm done griping now.

On a FAR more serious note, I need my three readers to pray for my darling, sweet, wonderful brother-in-law, Matt.  Matt is a youth minister with Young Life Ministries, and (even though I am biased) he is SO GREAT at what he does.  He has been in Italy doing a summer camp for teen children of American Military Personnel stationed in Europe.  A few days ago, he dove into a swimming pool in a resort in Italy and broke his neck.  He has been in a hospital in Italy for several days, but he has been discharged today, and it seems all is as good as it can be.  He can walk, and though he is in pain, it appears he will be able to travel back to the US with the group of Young Lifers.  This is SO GREAT, because he needs to be seen by US Doctors.  He hasn't been impressed with the hospital or the level of care.  So pray for him.  Pray he will make it back to the US, and pray that the broken bones in his neck will heal.  Pray that there is no permanent damage.  Pray for healing.  Our entire family thanks you... we just love ole' Matt!!!!