Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just more evidence that I AM losing my mind...

OK. So, I go back to work a few weeks ago, right? And, of course, about 3 days into my new job, I get a JURY DUTY NOTICE. Are you KIDDING me????? In the eleven years I was home, I was only called one time, but I had a newborn, so I sent in my form as exempt. Pretty much ANY TIME in those eleven years I could have served. But, no, I get called as soon as I take a job. Fabulous.

Well, the jury date was in March, so I set the notice to the side and forgot about it. Today, I am talking with a friend, who mentions that she has jury duty tomorrow. A little light bulb goes off above my head...I say, "Jury Duty?!?!?! I got called for jury duty. It's some time in March!" She asks me if it is a summons for District Court? I say, "Yes, I think it is!" She says, "That's tomorrow." Oh. My. Gosh. I have jury duty TOMORROW. Awesome.

So, I get home, find the notice, and discover that, Yes, it is indeed for March 1st. I get to call my new boss (at home, on a weekend) and confess that I just realized I have jury duty TOMORROW, and how would be the best way to handle this little situation???? Luckily for me, she has a sense of humor. And (hopefully) she realizes that I'm not ALWAYS such an idiot...

She instructs me on how to call for a substitute, which I do. Then I realize that MY CLASSROOM IS A MESS, AND I NEED TO GET IT INTO SHAPE BEFORE THERE IS A SUB IN THAT ROOM!!!!!!! Luke has to pretty much talk me down off the edge, and finally convinces me that I will have time in the morning to get it all together, because I don't have to be at the court house until 9:00. Really, he's a pretty smart guy.

SO... Off I go to do my civic duty tomorrow. I don't know whether I should hope to get seated on a jury, or hope that they dismiss me! I am trying to look for the silver lining here... At least I am not going to jail for skipping out on a summons that I forgot I even had!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gracie's New "Do"

Last week little Gracie cut her hair. I won't lie... I was a little sad about it. It was the first time one of my little ones cut their own hair. And, Gracie's hair was SO pretty... it still had the "baby" curls... it was all thick and long and beautiful.

After I got over being sad about it, I realized that we had to go and have it fixed. So, we took her last weekend and had her hair cut. Now she looks like such a "big girl!"
I'm a little sad... my last baby is growing up! But, if I do say so myself, she looks pretty cute with her "big girl" hair!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am pretty sure I must be living right.

Today, it began to snow about 5 am. It had not snowed ENOUGH to call off school by 8 am. So, we went to school in the snow. By 10 am, it had begun to snow even harder. They came over the intercom and told us we would be going home at 11:15. Woo-Hoo!!!!!! Early release day!!!! Then, the principal told us that we would not be coming in tomorrow until 10 am on Wednesday!! Woo-Hoo!!!!!! So that's two short days, neither of which must be made up later in the year.

Like I said, I think I must be living right.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just a quick little update...

Hello, bloggy friends!

Not a great deal of time today, as Abby had her basketball medal ceremony at 9:45, and Kate has a ball game at 12:00, but I thought I'd try and give you an update.

We're doing well here at Casa de Killian.

The new schedule is quite an adjustment, but I think we almost have it figured out. I think the adjustment has been the roughest on Grace... She loves Ju Ju, and she loves staying with her, but she's also used to seeing ME. A LOT. And she hasn't had that the last few weeks. She's acting out a little bit... she decided to give herself a haircut last week, and gapped it up pretty well right in the front. We're all a little sad about that, because, REALLY, she has BEAUTIFUL hair... so thick and long and gorgeous... I haven't taken her to get it fixed yet, not just because I haven't had time, but also because I am trying to decide if I can bear to cut it off. I don't know yet. I may just have to trim it, and let the gapped part grow out. She has also been sick this week. Nothing major, just a nasty cough, but it's hard on her AND on Mama to not be with her when she's puny. Hopefully she will adjust soon and get back to being a happy little girl.

School is going well for me. I REALLY am enjoying being back in the classroom. My students seem excited, and, well, I'm pretty excited, too. My own children are LOVING me being at school. They think it's pretty nifty to walk down the hall and see me and give me a hug at random times during the day! I love being able to see them and be near them. I feel at home.

If you've been praying for us, keep it up. I'm pretty sure God is listening!!! :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A big day

Today my little Abby had a big day...Today she was baptized, and I've just never been prouder of her.

(And, if I was a GOOD mother, I would have pictures. But, of course, NO CAMERA... **SIGH** I can't remember it... I just can't!!)

But, take my word for it, it was beautiful and perfect and sweet and I will never, ever, forget it. Not ever.

Even if I don't have a picture of it.

Today, I thank God for my precious child, Abby, who today became HIS precious child, too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Tale of the Neglectful Blogger

Once upon a time there was a blog writer who only had 3.2 readers, but still enjoyed recording the sometimes mundane, sometimes zany, sometimes hilarious daily life of her cute little family.

And then the blogger got a job, and BOY! Did her little life change!!!!

Suddenly, all her spare time was GONE. The time that used to be devoted to blogging was suddenly taken up with other things. Like sleeping.

She still loved her blog, and felt guilty for neglecting it, but felt the need to talk to her children. And, you know, sleep! :-)

As soon as she adjusted to her new schedule, she happily resumed her "bloggy" ways. (That part is just a prediction, but we can be hopeful, now can't we?!?!?!?)

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End. :-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tomorrow is...

the big day! The day that I get actual, real, live, breathing students in my classroom.

If you haven't said a prayer for me yet, you might want to start now!! :-)

I'll try to find time to let you know how it went...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our New World

I've been working for a grand total of 3 days now. It's going well... I have this week to prepare and get my room ready, and then next Monday, THE STUDENTS ARRIVE!!

I'm ready. It's going to be great. The kids are excited, I am excited... I'm ready to get started.

My own children have handled the transition well. They have gotten up earlier than usual and have not complained. Even Grace has taken the change without complaint. She is excited to get to spend more time with her Ju Ju.

The hardest thing for me has been wearing "professional" clothes and shoes... I have worn nothing but jeans and sweats for ELEVEN YEARS. My feet are missing their tennis shoes!! :-)

Keep saying prayers. Pray that the kids handle the transition well. Pray that I handle the transition well! ha ha!! Pray for peace of mind. Pray a lot!! :-)