Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random animal thoughts...

I am feeling completely random tonight... Wondering what to do with a puppy who DOES NOT "get" the whole house-training thing.  Is it like potty training a toddler child?  Do you let them "re-visit" the idea when they are a bit older and more mature?  I think not!  And, since we are feeling rather random tonight, what do you DO with a rooster who sits outside your glass patio doors, staring in at you, and pecking on the glass to get your attention?  This rooster is making me crazy... I must post on him exclusively very soon. But, I digress... back to my random animals.  I am also in puzzlement about what to do with my two kittens who have rapidly become cats.  They were supposed to live in my house ONLY until they were old enough to care for themselves.  Then they were supposed to become outdoor kitties.  Our only problem is, they hate being outdoors.  They hang on the window screens and HOWL until you can't take it any longer and let them back inside.  My other concerns are about our 13 year old hairless Pomeranian dog who hates the puppy.  I mean, he really despises everything about her.  I can't blame him, really.  She bites his little hairless tail.  I think I'd hate her, too.  Also, today my friend Alicia brought us 5 little golden chickens.  They are pretty cute.  We're hoping the raccoons from the creek don't figure out a way to break into the"new and improved" chicken coop and eat them.

I think I need a full time zoo keeper.  

Thankful Thursday

I sorta might have lost two checks that were both worth A LOT of money... the end result is fine, as both checks are being re-issued,  but we had a few moments around my house yesterday where panic was definitely setting in!  

SO.... today I am thankful for an understanding, forgiving husband who knows that everyone can make mistakes, even wonderful wives (who are almost ALWAYS perfect)!  I am thankful for modern technology, where banks and other financial folks can instantly confirm that, no, indeed the checks have never been cashed, and yes, they can be re-issued nearly instantly.  I am thankful for my health, because a weaker woman might have had a heart attack when she went to the "safe place" where the checks were stored, only to realize that *GASP* they were not there!!

This just confirms what I always knew deep down inside... you should NEVER clean and de-clutter a house!  It only leads to pain and suffering!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coony Update...

George Coony, the orphaned raccoon, really is as sweet as he seems!  He never bites, he loves to be picked up and held, and makes the cutest little "chuckling" noise when he is happy.  All of these things made it INCREDIBLY hard to do what we did today... We decided to give him away.  One of the doctors here in town has a daughter who successfully raised a baby raccoon last summer, and is in the process of raising another baby this summer.  I asked her if she would take another one, and she was delighted to do so.  Her baby, named Max, is about the same age as Coony.  Even though the girls didn't want to let Coony go, they decided he would be happier if he lived with other raccoons.  They cried when Coony left, but his new owner said that the girls could have visitation rights whenever they wanted.  It was really tough on them, but I was proud that they made a decision based on what they felt was best for Coony.

Oh, life lessons!  What fun it is to see my girls learning them each and every day!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Truce.

Many of you know that we have been "AT WAR" with the raccoons on our place.  They come and eat the cat food at night.  (They would probably eat the cats if they could.)  Most recently, they came in at night and broke into the duck pen and chicken house.  We have one lone survivor left from the chickens... Bean the Rooster is still around, but only because we let him out of the chicken house.  He is a "Free Range" Rooster now.  (I'll have to devote an entire post to him later... he is QUITE a character!)

He is cute, and he is scared, and my girls love him.  Yes, I know, he is a wild animal, and yes, he is probably loaded with disease.  But he is also terribly alone and frightened, and I just couldn't bear to let him starve right there on the porch.  I googled "orphaned raccoons", and learned that you treat them pretty much like orphaned kittens.  They eat kitten milk replacement.  Coony won't drink from a bottle, but he will lap it up quite greedily from a bowl.  If you put him down on the ground, he will follow you like a puppy.  He holds on to your shirt with a fierce determination.  He is spirited and he is a fighter.  

Here is a picture of my Dad holding Coony, with the girls watching on closely.

What do you do?  The LAST thing I need is another animal to feed, much less a RACCOON!!!  But, what do you do? For now, we are trying to raise it.  Hopefully he will get strong enough to go back down to the creek and find his family.  Wish us luck!  And, if you creek-living wild raccoons are listening, we call a truce.  No more war.  You coons don't play fair!  You brought out the cute babies to change our minds.  You are crafty, little raccoons!  I have new respect for you!!  (Luke says a ransom is not out of the question... we'll give back Coony if they give back a chicken! ha ha!)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hi, Internet-y People!

Just a small post to let my three readers know that I'm still alive - we have survived VBS, and now Luke is working this weekend, so the girls and I dedicated today to making a "big" grocery run to Wal-Mart, shopping for Father's Day, and doing some SERIOUS lounging at the pool!  (WOW!  That was one LONG sentence!!  And, I am too tired to go back and fix it!!  Sorry, grammar police! ha ha!)

Any-hoo, I intend to be a bit more faithful to regular posting now that my summer has "officially" begun!!   Woo-Hoo!  VBS is over!!  (I sound maybe a little too excited... oh, well!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Prayer Answered

 Today my Mom went in for her oncologist to give her the results of her final cancer scans.  Even though her last results were good, we were all praying, crossing our fingers, holding our breath, and everything else, until today.  Her results were great.  No cancer found anywhere.  Praise God!  Prayer works!  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for my mom.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Update!

We survived the adventure race!!  Nobody died.  It took us 2 hours and 40 minutes.  We DID take a disposable camera with us, but we haven't developed the pictures yet.  Who even knows how the pictures will turn out, but if they are ok, I'll try and post them later. The race was actually fun.  We ran 3 miles, kayaked about a mile, and mountain biked about 13 miles.  We weren't exactly one of the contenders for first prize, but we weren't last, either.  One of the funniest things was, we were team #1.  Out of ALL the teams who registered, we had the Team #1 on our jerseys!!  It was pretty comical.

We finished the race and showered, and then ate lunch at one of our favorite Dallas restaurants, Campisi's.  The pizza there is FABULOUS!  After lunch, we piddled around Dallas and then started home early afternoon.  We had reservations for dinner at Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose.  It is one of the best places we've ever eaten, and we love to go there any time we can.  The hostess took our picture and e-mailed it to us, as we were celebrating our belated anniversary.  Here we are!  Happy 14 years together!Also, today is my parents' 46th wedding anniversary.  They have been here for the weekend, caring for my children.  For this, I appreciate them.  (I appreciate them for so much more, but there is not time nor enough blog space in the world to express it all.)  Happy Anniversary, Mama and Daddy!!  I love you both!