Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Runner...

Kate began running Cross Country this year, and to be honest with you, I was a little surprised. She has never really LOVED running, and I think she only joined the team because a couple of her best buds were running.

However... as the practices went on and as she got into it, I think the little missy discovered that she actually might be kinda GOOD at this running "thing". She went to her first meet and placed 27th out 150 girls... Not too bad for a kid who hadn't really run before, and didn't really know what she was doing! She just went out and ran!

At that meet, they handed out 20 medals. When she realized that she missed getting a medal by only 7 places, she made it her goal to win a medal by the end of the season.

At the next meet, she improved her time dramatically, but we learned that it depended on the meet as to how many medals they handed out... There were only 10 medals at THAT particular meet.

Next meet, only 15 medals. Once again, she was edged out.

This past week, I was unable to attend the meet because the other girls had soccer games and Abby's team (which I am coaching) had pictures. But, Luke was able to go and watch Kate run. When he arrived, the gun had already sounded to start the race. He went to the turn near the end of the race and started counting the girls... when he got to Kate, he shouted, "YOU ARE IN 15th PLACE!!! THERE IS A GIRL RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!! R-U-N!!!!!" He said she TOOK OFF. She sprinted in to the finish, and she got her medal!
She finished 15th out of 120+ girls. We were super proud of her, and she was super proud of herself. Way to run, Kate.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Fox

Every year, our 4th graders at school do a play. Each year it is something different. When Kate was in 4th grade, they did "Go West", about the westward expansion of our nation. Kate was the Yellow Rose, a saloon girl from Texas.

This year, the 4th graders performed "Pinocchio". Abby played the part of the Fox, who is the "bad guy" in the play. (If you know my little Abby very well, that is really pretty surprising, as she is the sweetest, shyest, quietest one of my daughters... I was quite surprised when she came home and told me this was the role she wanted to audition for!)

BUT... she proved once again that she is quite the little actress and singer, as she landed the role she wanted, and WAS the Fox who tricked Pinoccho out of his money. She was GREAT!

Here she is, along with her BFF, Lainey, who played the role of an Italian gypsy and puppet master.
Here is Fox again, along with her side kick, Cat, (played by Presley)... They were the dynamic duo... They were SO GREAT in their roles!! Funny, funny girls!!
Here are Lainey (gypsy / puppet master), Kasidy ( toy seller), Abby (Fox), Maggie (Book Seller), and Jennifer (mother).
Here are Presley (Cat), Abby (Fox), Matt (Geppetto) Triston (Italian Man), and Lainey (gypsy / puppet master).
And here are Lainey and Abby one more time after the show... You can see Cade, who played Pinocchio, there in the front of the picture. He did a super job!!
The entire cast did a great job! It was really one to remember!! :-)

Monday, October 3, 2011


My dog is missing.She never wandered before, but we brought home a puppy a few months back, and once that puppy grew up a bit, he began to roam, and my Trixie began to roam with him. This time she has not come back. I am fearing the worst.
She is such a good natured dog, and so smart... Our hearts are broken!

Come home Trixie!!! We miss you!!! :-(

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer 2011

Grace and Abby are both playing soccer this year. I just love soccer... This is the first year that Kate is NOT playing, but between volleyball, basketball, crosscountry, cheerleading, band and church choir, she's got enough going on...

I seldom remember my camera, but, lucky for me, I had a friend at Grace's game today who caught some excellent shots of my little Goalie in action.

Pretty cute. Unfortunately, the Purple Ninjas came out on the losing end today, but hopefully they had fun.

Abby's team, the Red Tornadoes, also lost today. (Despite some EXCELLENT coaching by my BFF, Shelley, and myself... ha ha)

Hopefully I can talk my friend into coming to Abby's game and taking pics of her, as well! ha ha