Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Madame President...

Kate's Student Council Presidential Election was yesterday, and SHE WON!!! I am so proud of her! Does that mean we're the "first family" now? Or, can I call myself the "Queen Mum"?

Whatever it means, I can promise you one thing... I REFUSE to call her "Madame President"!!!! :-)

Friday, November 20, 2009

The candidate will take your questions now.

My little Kate has decided to run for Student Council President.This is the first year that our school has even had a Student Council, and she has just stepped up and put herself out there to be the very first president.

Her mom is a nervous wreck.  But so very proud of her, all at the same time.

There has been a lot of work involved... she had to fill out all the paperwork and meet the deadlines, and then make her campaign poster and write a speech, which she is scheduled to deliver on Tuesday.  In front of the entire school.  

I get hives thinking about it.

But, luckily, she isn't JUST like her mama... she is ready to go.

Say a little prayer that her speech goes smoothly.  Pray that she is confident and poised.  Pray that her mama doesn't hyperventilate while it's going on.  Pray for a win!!

And, while you're at it, pray that if she doesn't win, that this is a life lesson in how to lose gracefully.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Whining Begins...

I usually try not to use my blog to whine...

Because, really, I have a pretty nifty little life.

My children are happy, healthy, smart, funny, and generally "all around wonderful" kids.

My husband is typically pretty fantastic.  He supports me in every way possible (don't tell him I said so... we mustn't let him get the big head! ha!)

I am happy and healthy myself.  We are clicking along just fine.

But, DANG.  We are BUSY!!!

I'm just saying... We are busy in a "can't catch our breaths, don't have time to eat" kind of way.

The HOMEWORK is eating our proverbial lunch.  

And, I am a former teacher... I know a little about homework.

And I try... God KNOWS I try not to complain about it, but tonight... I have just had enough.  

So, I am whining.  Even though I don't want to be that whining parent, I am whining.  

MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Or at least make it reasonable and relevant.  Please.)

And now I am done, and will try to go back to my "non-whining" ways!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Musings of a thoughtful housewife...

The holidays are coming, and I am not too sure that I am quite ready.

Today I was walking along the square here in H-Town, and every story window display (with the exception of the florist), was decked out in full Christmas decor.

I'm not too sure that I like it, if I'm being completely honest.

I want to ENJOY Autumn.

I rather like it.

Orange is a really nice color.

Not that I don't enjoy red and green... really I do, but NOT YET.  

I want to be thankful first.  I want my children to be thankful.  I want to appreciate the full experience of gathering together with family and enjoying good times and good company and good conversation and belly-aching laughter.... without all the pressure of making sure I purchased the perfect gift AND actually remembered to wrap it and bring it along.

I know, I know... Christmas is not all about the presents and the parties and the festivities.  Or at least it's not supposed to be.

But I have to be cautious, or that's what it turns into.  

I hope that THIS YEAR I can try to keep Christmas in focus, and keep the REAL reason for the season in my heart, and in the hearts of my children.

But not yet...

Because first I want to eat turkey.

A LOT of turkey.

(And a piece of pumpkin pie wouldn't be too bad, either!!!! )

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'd like to be able to insert some clever reason here as to why I haven't posted in a few days...

But I can't.

It's not the "country fried" internet's fault - it's not the cow's fault - it's not ANYBODY'S fault...

Life has just been happening here at "Casa de Killian".

We have been INSANELY busy, and I don't really see it slowing down any time in the near future.

I did take a little "time out" this weekend to go on a fun little trip with some girlfriends to start Christmas shopping...

It was very fun, but to be quite honest, I didn't get a HUGE amount of my list crossed off.  I really just went for the trip.  :-)   Sometimes a little relaxation and "adult girl time" goes a long way.

Anyway, it's not an EXCITING update, but at least it's an update.  We are still here, and life is happening.

Hope your upcoming week is SLOW AND UNEVENTFUL (just like I hope mine is! ha ha)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Revenge of the Cows

**** I know you probably won't believe this one, but this stuff is too ridiculous to make up... it's all true!! ****

You might have noticed that I have not posted since last Wednesday.

Why, you ask?

It would be silly to even think that THE COWS BENT MY NEW INTERNET SATELLITE DISH.  A*G*A*I*N......, now wouldn't it?

No, friends, that would NOT be silly.

I just got it fixed, but little Billy Bully can't stay away from it... it is EXACTLY the perfect height for him to use to scratch his neck.

And, he bent it to the point that my country-fried internet was down.


Suffice it to say that I was NOT happy, as Mr. Internet Repair Man warned me that this would probably happen... I thought probably not, but apparently he knows his cows as well as his internet.

Luckily, I have SEEN Mr. Internet Repair Man in action... several times, and I watched him bend the dish back into shape.  So, I tried it on my own.  Just grabbed hold of it and started bending.

And, you know what?

I fixed it.

Yay for Mama Internet Repair Lady!!!

And you can bet your sweet cowgirl boots that Billy Bully and his girlfriends have been moved OUT of my yard and into the back pasture.

(The same back pasture where their Mamas escaped.... the saga continues!!!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bovine Update...

Being the excellent rancher that I am, I herded those baby calves right back into the pasture last night.  (I'm not really THAT much of an expert, but I did learn to LEAVE THE DOG IN THE KENNEL!!!!!)  Without her expert help, it was a fairly easy task.

However, those mama cows remain at large.  I am stumped.

Several friends have mentioned cattle rustlers... does that still HAPPEN these days?!?!?!?  Being the ranch expert that I am, I am quite unsure...

One friend suggested UFO bovine abduction.

I like it.  

Thanks, Cheri.

That's my NEW story, and I'm sticking to it!!!   :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Return of "Rent-a-Cowboy"

Yes, it's true...

I have another "cow emergency", and I need the services of our local "rent-a-cowboy".

My only problem is, it seems that said cowboy is now employed on a local ranch and no longer hires himself out.

This is a real problem for a small ranch owner like me, who has no horse, and also has no idea how to rope a cow.

A REAL problem, let me tell you...

About a week ago, our 3 mama cows disappeared.  Gone.

We assumed that our creek had washed out the fence in all of the rain, but NO.  All the fences are intact, and the mamas are gone.

Today, the gate was open in the front pasture, where the 3 babies have been living, and my EXCELLENT cow dog, Trixie, chased those babies right out the front gate.

Nice work, Trixie.  (Grrrrrrr.... I will not beat the dog.   I will not beat the dog.  I WILL NOT BEAT THE DOG... She was only trying to help.)

SO..... now all 6 of my cows are missing.

Damn, I am a good rancher.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween again

Just thought you might like to see my little lovelies again!!  :-)

Kate, the Grecian Goddess......  and Abby, Fancy Nancy...

... and Grace, Snow White.
Happy Halloween, and Happy November!!