Sunday, November 18, 2007

Catching up

We have been so busy over the last few weeks (while our Internet was down) that I thought I would post photos of our busy days.

We went to the Texas Renaissance Festival a few weekends ago and had a wonderful time. The little girls dressed up as fairies, but our "mature" eldest child wouldn't go there... on the first day of the festival, she wore a "renaissance" dress, but then opted for regular clothes for Sunday. Above you can see them meeting the fairies. The fairy in front was the "Queen of the Fairies", and she was beautiful. She thought the girls were just beautiful and posed for photos with all of them (I'll try and post them later when I have more time.) She was especially taken with Grace, who was the same age as her own daughter, who is also named Grace. The other fairies agreed that her Grace and my Grace could be twins... both very blond and cute. The fairies gave the girls "fairy wishing stones" which they now treasure.

Below you see Grace, Kate, and I riding the carousel. What fun!
Here is a photo of Abby in the "Secret Fairy Garden". Doesn't she look beautiful? (Note the dirty tennis shoes... that is very authentic for "real" fairies! ha ha)
Here is Luke, riding the giant swings with Grace and Abby. Katie wouldn't ride this time, but we talked her into it by day 2.
Here is a photo of the big girls' face paintings. They were really well done. I'll try and post a close-up view in the next post.
As you can see, a fantastic time was had by all. We camped in our RV and had some wonderful, well-needed family time.

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