Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer 2011

Grace and Abby are both playing soccer this year. I just love soccer... This is the first year that Kate is NOT playing, but between volleyball, basketball, crosscountry, cheerleading, band and church choir, she's got enough going on...

I seldom remember my camera, but, lucky for me, I had a friend at Grace's game today who caught some excellent shots of my little Goalie in action.

Pretty cute. Unfortunately, the Purple Ninjas came out on the losing end today, but hopefully they had fun.

Abby's team, the Red Tornadoes, also lost today. (Despite some EXCELLENT coaching by my BFF, Shelley, and myself... ha ha)

Hopefully I can talk my friend into coming to Abby's game and taking pics of her, as well! ha ha

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