Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kate's New Room

For Christmas, Kate got a new bed, and then for her January birthday she got the matching dresser and nightstand to go with it. I had planned to paint her room for her birthday as well, but I just now got around to it... (yes, I know it is March... Don't judge me, peeps! Ha Ha!!) anyway, my parents came up for Abby's birthday, and so my mom and I started painting Monday morning. We THOUGHT it would take us a day. Well... Three days later... We finally finished! Ugh!! The pink was hard to cover, even with good paint that had primer in it! It took 2 coats all over, and THEN when we took up the painters tape, the paint had bled ALL under the tape and was ALL. OVER. THE. BASEBOARDS. I almost cried!! I did not know if we would ever get it off! (we have natural pine baseboards...) we had to scrape it all off with a razor blade!! But it finally came off. THEN, when we pulled the tape off from around the ceiling, we had a lovely pink line left!! We had to go BACK and edge it AGAIN to get rid of the line!! But, it is finally done, and the pink is gone, and Kate loves her teenage room. (It's a good thing, because I am never painting it again!!)

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Shelley said...

OH!!!! It LOOKS GOOD! I need to come see it in person :)