Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diva Dash

This past weekend I went to Austin with a group of my BFF's to run in the Diva Dash. It was a 3 mile run that was filled with obstacles like balance beams, tires to run through with big bouncy balls hanging in front of them, a maze, a spider web of stretchy cords, hurdles (which we slowly crawled over!), a bubble tent to run through, a log to carry up and down a hill, water obstacles in the lake to go over, another lake experience that had us putting on an inner tube and walking out waist deep around a buoy, and finally a cargo net "wall" to go up and over! It was one of the funniest races I have ever done!

Here is our team, BS2. (Betsy, Shelley, Brisgette, and Shelly.). Between us we have 12 daughters, and 1 lone boy. Baker's dozen!!

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