Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kid Triathlon 2012

This past Saturday was the annual Kid Tri here in our town.  It is such a fun event!  Kate and Abby have both competed in years past, but this was Grace's first year to "Tri" it out... We might have even bribed her a little bit to get her to give it a shot!  And... She actually liked the experience!!  Here is a visual of her reaction when she found out that she won 3rd place in her age group!
 We actually had three winners in the Killian household... Grace won 3rd in the 7-8 year old division, Abby won 2nd in the 9-10 year old division, and Kate won first in the 13-14 year old division, and she was also the overall winner, with the fastest time of all competitors, including boys and girls.  Here is a pic of our 3 winners on the medal podium.  We were so super proud of them for giving it their all!!!

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