Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Code Green!

Each time I relay this story to other Moms, they fall on the ground laughing. One of my friends said, "Now, THAT you should type in your blog!" I thought, "OK!" So, here goes...

2 Saturdays ago, Luke was on call for the weekend. So the girls and I have nothing going on... we decide we should go shopping in Waco. Now, mind you, every time I attempt a big shopping trip with all the kids by myself, I swear I'll never do it again. But, time fades all memories... it sounded like a good idea... so off we went.

While we are at the mall, I actually run into some of our good friends from Hamilton, Jon and Robbye, and their kids. Robbye comments on how brave I am, and I tell her that, really, this has been a great trip. Everyone is behaving and we are having a good time. No major problems. I should have shut my mouth and headed home right then.

But, no, I decide we have time for one more stop. We go to Target. The kids are hungry and thirsty, so our first stop is at the snack bar. We load our cart with popcorn and drinks and begin to shop. Grace is riding in the back of the cart and Kate and Abigail are walking. We shop and casually stroll the aisles. We find bargains we can't live without and load our cart. I stop at some point to look at men's T-shirts for my partner-in-life who is slaving away at the hospital. While I am looking, Grace leans over the edge of the cart at THE EXACT MOMENT that Abby decides to step up on the side of the cart. I'm sure you experienced Moms know what happens next... The cart tips over (and I mean COMPLETELY over - wheels in the air) and lands on top of Abby. Grace flies out. Popcorn goes everywhere. All drinks spill. Contents of the cart scattered across the aisle. Katie (my 8 year old) is the only child not hurt, and she is crying the loudest. I tell her (and not too nicely, either) to sit down and be quiet. I pull the cart off of Abby and try and comfort Gracie. Target employees come out of the WOODWORK. I didn't know that many people worked there! They proceed to call a "code green" on us (whatever that means). More employees arrive, including a security guard. Everyone is calmed down now, and after many assurances that we are all OK, they cleaned up the popcorn and drinks for us and let us go on our way. Luckily, no one was hurt, but really, I thought Katie was going to walk away and leave us there. She was SOOOOOO embarrassed!

Needless to say, it will be awhile before I venture out alone... I think they have our photo on the door at Target... (don't let this family in again... Code Green!)

No photos - even though I would LOVE to have had a picture of Katie's face... she was mortified!


Shelley said...

I LOVE that story!!! I can just see it happening all in slow motion. Glad they were all OK!

Amy's Gang said...

I am so glad you reminded me of this story. I am STILL laughing. Like I said before picture it in your mind....only with Kate, Koop, Case, and Kenna...and I PROMISE you will laugh!! Histerical. I do the same thing every time I take all 4 of mine out. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!! Then stupid me..I do it again. The last time, Kate dropped a gallon of milk on the floor and it busted...milk EVERYWHERE, including on other people!! And, in the same trip, my Aunt Cheryl found us and said,"I've been looking for y'all, I could here you from the front of the store so I tracked you down!" It's like a circus! Only not as fun! Thanks for the laugh...with you, not at you!LOL!