Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random animal thoughts...

I am feeling completely random tonight... Wondering what to do with a puppy who DOES NOT "get" the whole house-training thing.  Is it like potty training a toddler child?  Do you let them "re-visit" the idea when they are a bit older and more mature?  I think not!  And, since we are feeling rather random tonight, what do you DO with a rooster who sits outside your glass patio doors, staring in at you, and pecking on the glass to get your attention?  This rooster is making me crazy... I must post on him exclusively very soon. But, I digress... back to my random animals.  I am also in puzzlement about what to do with my two kittens who have rapidly become cats.  They were supposed to live in my house ONLY until they were old enough to care for themselves.  Then they were supposed to become outdoor kitties.  Our only problem is, they hate being outdoors.  They hang on the window screens and HOWL until you can't take it any longer and let them back inside.  My other concerns are about our 13 year old hairless Pomeranian dog who hates the puppy.  I mean, he really despises everything about her.  I can't blame him, really.  She bites his little hairless tail.  I think I'd hate her, too.  Also, today my friend Alicia brought us 5 little golden chickens.  They are pretty cute.  We're hoping the raccoons from the creek don't figure out a way to break into the"new and improved" chicken coop and eat them.

I think I need a full time zoo keeper.  

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Gettysburg Mom said...

Ummm... I'm in a dither over the four year old who should clearly be potty=trained & yet has accidents on the floor. Child, not dog. Grrrrrrr. Please help.