Friday, June 19, 2009

The Big Winner...

I am so honored... our wonderful, loving, irreplaceable babysitter (also known as the Fabulous Ju-Ju), is the latest recipient of the "Yard of The Month" Award here in H-Town.  I am in the presence of a real celebrity!!  ;-)

Here is a little "visual" of why she won...Anyway, back to WHY I am feeling honored... a few weeks ago she had our kids over to her house for a little cook-out and fun with her neighbors.  They did all kinds of fun things, and many of these I will have to blog about later.  One of the things they did was work out in Ju-Ju's beautiful yard.  Ju-Ju took lots of great pictures, and I'll be showing you these a few at a time.  The pics of the girls in their "gardening" hats were my favorites.  I have to share.

Those are pretty cute.


Lindsay said...

those pictures of your girls are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Tell Judy, "Congratulations!" The flowers (as well as the girls) are truly beautiful. I recognize a lot of hard work in them. Love, Mom