Friday, June 26, 2009

New "do-s"

This week the girls got new summer haircuts... mind you, I have been going to get these appointments and have this done since school let out.  One month ago. Don't judge me, internets... sometimes life gets a little busy!!  Anyway, I took these photos at the Beauty Shop with my cell phone, so you'll get the full effect.  Their hair is even still wet!!  

Here is Miss Gracie.  I know, I know, her hair is still long, but it's shorter than it was before!  She got almost 4 inches trimmed off!Here is Abigail.  Her transformation is the most dramatic, I think.  Her hair was pretty long.  She got almost 6 inches cut off.  I think her new cut makes her look WAY too mature!  Where is my "baby"?!?!?!?

And, finally, my big girl, Kate.  I think she actually wanted to go shorter, but was a little afraid... the last time she went short, it didn't turn out quite like she had imagined.  She didn't like it.  So, I think she's a little gun shy!  But, this cut turned out super cute.  She even added a small "side bang" (which you can't see in the photo, because her hair is wet!).  Anyway, she was pleased with the outcome, and so was her dear old mom!
Happy Summer, but hurry up, Fall!  Summer is H-O-T  here!!!

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