Friday, September 11, 2009


That's the only word I can use to describe what my friends, Keith and Sharon, are doing right now at this very moment.

Right now at this very moment, halfway across the world in Africa, they are adopting a baby girl. Her name will be Maya, and in a few short days, they are bringing her home forever.  


I am completely bowled over with admiration for them and what they are doing.  This is going to change this child's future in every way imaginable.  She is coming home to parents who love her and two big brothers who already adore her.  Their family is growing and changing, and I am watching and marveling in awe.  It's amazing.

If you have a moment, say a prayer for them.  They will very soon board a plane with their new daughter, who they have met just a few days ago, and will fly 20 hours back home.  That's right - I said 20 hours on a plane with a baby.  They need all your prayers!!  :-)

If you would like to see photos of them and their new baby girl, you can click here and see them.

It's amazing, folks, truly amazing what God can do.

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