Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cinderella 2009

Kate has been preparing to be in our local civic theater's production of the musical  "Cinderella".  They have been working on it for a few months now, and this past weekend was "opening night!"  The entire cast did a great job.  I took well over 200  photos, but because my internet is so slow, I am inly uploading a few... 

Here's Kate, playing the part of the "younger bratty sister."
And here is the entire girls' ensemble.  Don't they look CUTE?
And here is Kate in her "ball gown", longingly looking at the Prince, and not understanding why he isn't interested in a younger woman... :-)
Of course, the whole family went to see the show, and my other two girls went in FULL PRINCESS MODE.  Here's my princess, grace, posing with Cinderella after the show.
And here is Princess Abigail with Cinderella.
It was really great!  If you can, go see the play this weekend!!  


Lindsay said...

I wish we could come see it!

Shelley said...

I have heard it is FANTASTIC!!! I hope we can make it to the show this weekend :)

Liz said...

They did so well! My mom and I loved it! We are so excited that Miss Kate is a "young girl" so we can watch her many more times!

cheri said...

I can't wait to see the play. I can't imagine Kate playing the "bratty" sister!