Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just more evidence that I AM losing my mind...

OK. So, I go back to work a few weeks ago, right? And, of course, about 3 days into my new job, I get a JURY DUTY NOTICE. Are you KIDDING me????? In the eleven years I was home, I was only called one time, but I had a newborn, so I sent in my form as exempt. Pretty much ANY TIME in those eleven years I could have served. But, no, I get called as soon as I take a job. Fabulous.

Well, the jury date was in March, so I set the notice to the side and forgot about it. Today, I am talking with a friend, who mentions that she has jury duty tomorrow. A little light bulb goes off above my head...I say, "Jury Duty?!?!?! I got called for jury duty. It's some time in March!" She asks me if it is a summons for District Court? I say, "Yes, I think it is!" She says, "That's tomorrow." Oh. My. Gosh. I have jury duty TOMORROW. Awesome.

So, I get home, find the notice, and discover that, Yes, it is indeed for March 1st. I get to call my new boss (at home, on a weekend) and confess that I just realized I have jury duty TOMORROW, and how would be the best way to handle this little situation???? Luckily for me, she has a sense of humor. And (hopefully) she realizes that I'm not ALWAYS such an idiot...

She instructs me on how to call for a substitute, which I do. Then I realize that MY CLASSROOM IS A MESS, AND I NEED TO GET IT INTO SHAPE BEFORE THERE IS A SUB IN THAT ROOM!!!!!!! Luke has to pretty much talk me down off the edge, and finally convinces me that I will have time in the morning to get it all together, because I don't have to be at the court house until 9:00. Really, he's a pretty smart guy.

SO... Off I go to do my civic duty tomorrow. I don't know whether I should hope to get seated on a jury, or hope that they dismiss me! I am trying to look for the silver lining here... At least I am not going to jail for skipping out on a summons that I forgot I even had!!!

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