Monday, May 17, 2010


Each year in 5th grade, the students read the book "The SOS Titanic". They study all about the Titanic and do some projects about the Titanic. The culmination of the literary study AND of the entire 5th grade year is the first class Titanic luncheon. Today was the big day! Kate was so excited... all the girls got dressed up in their fancy dresses, and all the boys wore ties... FANCY! They take a bus to a local church, which the parents decorate to look as much like the boat as possible. The parents also cook a first-class meal, which the students eat in a room that has been transformed into the first class dining hall aboard the Titanic. Today the menu was scones and tea, noodle soup, Caesar salad, turkey breast, green bean bundles, new potatoes, and rolls. FOr dessert, they had pound cake with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream. Yum! In class, the students learn all about etiquette, including which forks and spoons to use, and where to place their napkins. It is quite an experience!

Here's Miss Kate at the luncheon.
Here is Kate with some of her friends in her classroom before the luncheon.
The day of the luncheon, the students are assigned an "escort". The boys are instructed on how to be a gentleman, including how to offer their arm to escort the lady and how to open doors and pull out the dining chair. Luckily, Kate was paired with her friend, Austin. They had a great time together!
Here's Kate with her good buddy, Taylor, before the luncheon. Don't they look pretty?
And, finally, here's my classy little lady.
At the end of the luncheon, the students are presented an envelope with a biography of an actual Titanic passenger. They are able to read all about their lives and what they were doing aboard the Titanic. Kate was assigned the biography of Dorothy Gibson, who was a famous actress from this time period. (She was pretty excited about being a celebrity! ha ha)

They all had a wonderful time that I am sure they won't soon forget. It was a great way to end their last year in elementary school!

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Amy said...

SHHHHH! Last year in elementary? Kindergarten? AUUUGGG! It's too much all at the same time! :(

Kate looks beautiful! I can't believe how grown up they are getting!