Monday, May 3, 2010

GT Showcase

Kate and Abby are both in the GT program at our school, and they both LOVE it. Every year they do one major project for the year, and then they have an evening where they are able to "showcase" their projects. Tonight was the night!

Kate made a quilt, and researched about the history of quilts. She also wrote an original fictional story about her quilt.

Wouldn't it be lovely if I had a picture of her in front of her quilt? Nah... that would be predictable!! And, I am NOTHING if not UNPREDICTABLE! ha ha! Actually, by the time I got around to taking her photo, Kate had already taken her quilt back to the classroom. So, I just snapped a pic of her in the hallway!
Abby's project was entitled "Guess Who?" She had to choose a famous "Mystery Person", and then research their lives. Then she had to write a report about them, as well as a riddle about them. She also had to dress like them and read a riddle to the audience about her person. Can you "Guess Who" she picked?
Yes, that's right - she picked Betsy Ross. She looked adorable, and her information and riddle were really good, too.

I was proud of my girls tonight. They had a ball, and they learned so much by completing their projects!

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