Monday, June 21, 2010


Kate's softball team has had a ROUGH year this year. They've been playing since April, and they're still playing. They have gotten beat EVERY SINGLE GAME, and often, they have been beaten BADLY.

When the season started, none of the girls knew how to pitch, and this is a "kid-pitch" league. Like I said, it has been rough.

Tonight, they WON, and WON BIG!! I was so proud of them. They all played extremely well, and never acted or played like they were anything other than champions. Kate even pitched a couple of innings, and she did well. I was so very, very proud of her! What I was MOST proud of, however, is that at the end of the game, they ran over to the opposing team's dug out and cheered and clapped for the other team, and told them they were proud of them. It was a fabulous display of good sportsmanship.

Our season ends Friday night. I hope these girls can pull out another great game to end their season on a high note!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Mom

Anonymous said...

PaPaw says that he's proud of you, Katie!