Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well, Hello.

Since I last posted, school has let out and we've celebrated an anniversary (which was FANTASTIC, by the way). We've also had a wonderful holiday weekend with two of Luke's siblings and their families (including my newest sister-in-law). We then loaded ourselves up and went on a wonderful, relaxing, "kid-dream" of a vacation... Not exactly what Luke and I would have chosen, but the kids thought it was AWESOME. We went swimming, to the movies, ice-skating, to a "jumpy-castle" place, to Six Flags, to the zoo, to Medieval Times, to see a Ranger baseball game (complete with fireworks at the end of a victorious game), and to the mall. It was a WHOLE LOT of kid-o-palooza, but now Luke and I are pretty high on our kids' lists...

Yes, I have pictures. No, I am not taking time to upload them now.

Because tomorrow, Kate leaves for her very first "sleep-away" camp. I have the usual "mommy worries", but I really think she's ready, and I really think she's going to have a GREAT time.

But I must finish packing her up now, or she won't be leaving!

Good to be home, internets...

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