Monday, January 31, 2011

And because it is the "WEEK 'O THE BIRTHDAY"...

... at Casa de Killian, we celebrated another one today.

My Gracie turned six today, and my heart cracked just a little bit deeper.

I do not want her to get any older. It is just going too damn fast (excuse me, but no other word seemed quite right.)

She had a day that was typical of her - complete with a Chinese food for dinner, and a birthday cake that was a rainbow. (Which, but the way, I TOTALLY copied from my friend, Amy, whose blog you can find on my side bar... her daughter, Kenna Mae, just turned six, and Amy made her a rainbow cake. When Grace saw it on Amy's blog, she HAD to have it. It was a royal pain to make, but it turned out really, really cute.)

When we put her to bed tonight, she said it was the best birthday "ever".

I'm glad, because she's the best Gracie "ever".

Happy birthday, Baby. Please stay my baby, please, just a little while longer.


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! And YES OH YES we need pictures :)

Amy said...

LOVE the rainbow cake! Yes, BIG pain. But the joy on their face when you bring out that first slice...we rock Momma!!! :)

Miss you guys!