Sunday, February 13, 2011


They always say that if you don't like the current season, or weather, in Texas, just stick around 15 minutes or so. It will change.

Since I last posted, we had ANOTHER day of snow/ice (though we went to school in it) and another round of bitter cold temperatures. We survived a few frozen pipes and one round of flooding through the house that required the purchase of a new shop-vac. MAYBE we have made it through the worst of the winter weather, because yesterday was lovely, and today is BEAUTIFUL. Like it is forecast to be 70 degrees beautiful! I can't wait - I hope to sneak in a run sometime between church, basketball practice, and choir practice... Those kids-o-mine keep me so busy...

This has also been the season of Luke's parents' rapidly declining health... I have now lost count of how many times they have been in and out of the hospital. They are both currently in the hospital again. I need prayers for wise and prudent decision making ability for the entire family, as I think the time is swiftly approaching that we will have to make some important decisions concerning their health and care.

Basketball season is quickly coming to an end, as well. The girls have one more weekend of regular season play, before Kate plans to join a special "tournament" team of all 6th grade girls for extra practice and fun. She is really excited about this. I know it will be a season of fun for her!

I guess it's the "seasonings" in life that make it the most flavorful! ;-)
Happy Sunday!

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