Friday, July 29, 2011

Disney Recap - Day 1

Well... we are BACK!! Our trip to Disney World was fantastic. Get ready for "Picture Overload" as I recap our trip. I don't want to ever forget it!

Thursday we flew out and took Disney's bus, the Magical Express, from the airport to our hotel, Port Orleans Riverside. We spent the afternoon exploring the hotel and swimming in their fabulous pool.

On Friday we got up early and ate breakfast to get ready for our first day at The Magic Kingdom!
**This picture is out of order... It should be up there with the resort... These are the towels that were magically on our bed, in the shape of Mickey ears. I could take the time out to move it, but, I don't want to! :-)
As soon as we walked through Cinderella's castle, the girls got to meet Fairy Godmother. She was so sweet. Grace was enchanted!
Across the street from her was the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. They were hilarious! The stepmother said, "Hmmm... these girls look strangely familiar. Blonde hair, blue eyes. They look like another girl I know." The stepsisters asked about the feathers in the girls hair, and then when it was time to take pictures, they said, "We will NOT say CHEESE. Everyone think of another food to shout out other than cheese!" Then, when the picture was taken, they shouted things like Lasagne!!! and Asparagus!!! The girls loved them!
We rode the tea cups, and lots of other rides...
We met Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too!
We met Peter Pan, and rode his ride, too!
We met Arial, and Prince Eric, and lots and lots of other Princesses, too.
It rained, which was fantastic, because it lowered the temperature about 20 degrees! Unfortunately, it also lightened some, which delayed the start of the parade a little bit, and we were already TIRED!! But, we were determined, and we stayed until it finally started.
Grace was SUPER excited!
The Main Street Electrical Parade was FANTASTIC!!! We love, love, loved it.
Look at the wonder and awe on this little face...
Here is Pete's dragon... I took a TON of pictures, but won't take the time to upload them all now...
After the parade, we made our way over by the Dumbo ride to watch the nightly fireworks. My pics are not great, but let me describe... The Dumbo ride was still running during the fireworks, to our right, and the castle was to our left. The fireworks were on both sides of us AND directly over our heads. Amazing!!

Here is the DUmbo ride with the fireworks in the background...
And here is the castle with the fireworks above.
It was a magical, unforgettable day!


Shelley said...

Oh I LOVE Magic Kingdom! Cant wait to hear about EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!! I love the expressions on Grace's face :)

Maddox's Momma said...

Great pics Betsy - I'm sure it was a magical time!! :)