Monday, September 26, 2011

The BIG 4-0

Sadly, the rumors are true... I turned 40 years old this past weekend!! However, the weekend turned out to be one of the best of my life, because my FANTASTIC hubby took me on a trip to celebrate! We went back to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, which is just off the coast of Cancun. We have visited there before (last November, to be exact,) and it is still our favorite place we've ever been. Of course, since I am ME, nothing is ever simple when it comes to pictures... Let me explain...

I DID remember the camera!!! Yay me!! I know you are stunned, since I NEVER remember the camera... However, that camera did NOT have THE MEMORY CHIP inside of it... Boo!! And, apparantly when you are on a remote island in the Caribbean in a foreign country, memory chips are not exactly easy to come by... (Especially when you don't really know how to say "memory chip" in Spanish...)

So, I have fantastic images IN MY HEAD. These other pics I found on the net... Once again, blogger makes them small... WHY?!?!?!?

Here is an image off of Punta Sur (South Point) of the island. It looks like something out a movie. Breathtakingly gorgeous. The beach. AHHHHHHHH... I LOVE the beach. And this beach is AH-MAZE-ING. Crystal clear, turquoise blue water, white sand... PARADISE.

Here is an arial view of the island. For real, it IS this beautiful.

The hotel that we stayed in (for the second time now), is called Villa Rolandi. These pics are tiny, so you can't see much, but it is incredible. My favorite thing is that there are NO CHLDREN allowed. Now, I know that sounds a bit harsh, as I LOVE kids, but when you are talking relaxation, nothing beats the QUIETNESS that goes along with a place that has no kids. It is SOOOOOOOOOO relaxing. Just the waves and the fountains and the blowing of the plam leaves for noise.... So peaceful...

This is EXACTLY what the view from our balcony looked like. Unreal. The place has two pools, one heated and one not, and then a HUGE saltwater hot tub. There is also a private jacuzzi on every balcony.

Here's an interior pic of the rooms...They are LOVELY. The other thing that I LOVE abou this place is that it is SMALL. Only 20-30 rooms, so it never, ever seems crowded.

On my "actual" b-day, Luke arranged for us to have dinner served on the beach. It was pretty darn fantastic. Mexican luminarias lit the walkway down to our table. It was surrounded by tiki torches. Beautiful!!

The sunsets were something to behold, as well. This pic DOES NOT do them justice!

If you EVER get the chance, you must go. It was the perfect way to celebrate my first forty years!


Amy said...

Gorgeous! Happy 40! Luke is such the romantic. Glad you had a great time! Sure miss you guys!

HD said...

That is a time to remember!!! And you are a gorgeous lady.