Friday, November 11, 2011

Fabulous Ju-Ju

We have the most special wonderful lady in our lives, who I am always bragging about. She is our Fabulous Ju-Ju. She started out as the kids' babysitter when Grace was an infant, but has morphed into more of a family member and grandmother figure to my kids. She has been there for all the important events in the lives of my kids. She goes to their ball games, and eats lunch with them at school, and takes them out for ice cream, and takes them gardening in funny hats...... and goes to their egg hunts...
... and goes on their field trips.
We love her around here.

The day before school started, we got some devastating news about our beloved, fabulous Ju-Ju. Luke is her doctor, and he had to tell her that she has pancreatic cancer. And that it was bad.

She's very sick, and we are very sad.

Please pray for her, and please pray for us.

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Shelley said...

Hearts are breaking... Prayers for the sweet Ju-Ju...