Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Halloween came and went at a fast and furious pace around here... Daddy was "on call", so we had to go it alone this year :-/ That is always stressful for me, but we made it fine. Grace had her party at school, and then after that we trick or treated the Square, and then made the rounds in one of the neighborhoods. Fun times!

Of COURSE, we had to have "Costume Drama"... Grace chose to be a lovely butterfly, and we have had the costume for months. She wore it to character dress-up day at school, and ripped the wing. Then she wore it again to the Band Carnival, and COMPLETELY ripped out the wing... I tried to fix it yesterday with a little fabric glue, but it did not work. :-( SO... after school yesterday, I told her she could either be a butterfly with a broken wing, or she could choose something else from the dress-up box. She said that "butterflies with broken wings always die", so she chose an old costume... After a little starch and some ironing, it looked pretty good!! We even managed to find the tights that went with it. I was proud of BOTH of us for being flexible! :-)

SO... Here is my little witch, Grace...
And my little monster, Abby...
And my very grown-up looking Cookie Monster, Kate.
Happy Halloween from the Killian girls!! :-)

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