Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just wanted to post a few quick photos of the girls in their "official" Halloween gear. Abby was an "Autumn Fairy", Katie was a "Pirate Girl", and Gracie was a "Princess". Just look at that expression on Gracie's face... that pretty much says it all!! She wasn't very cooperative about the whole "Halloween Process"... I guess she didn't realize that she was about to get a WHOLE LOT of candy!!!! She perked up once she saw the candy! ha ha! Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!!

"Autumn Fairy"

"Pirate Girl"

"Pretty Princess"


Cy-Fair Young Life said...

Gracie's expression is priceless! Wow, what a cutie. What a scowl! I love the blog. It helps me feel connected even though I haven't seen you guys in forever. Hope to change that. Keep up the good work.


The Poe Family said...

I absolutely love the picture of all 3 girls in front of the fire place. Gracie's expression says it all. I am sure that is what I looked like on the square trying to fight through the mob. The girls looked so adorable in their costumes. I can't beleive the masterpieces you guys created with your pumpkins...very impressive. Maybe you should offer a class in pumpkin carving next year.
Better go,

Shelley said...

I just love GRACE!!! She is one of a kind...

Mom said...

Do you remember the first-grade picture where I made you wear a white t-shirt? Gracie's expression looks like yours did then. What goes around comes around. Mom