Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Country Livin'

What is the worst thing about living in the country?  

I know you've asked yourselves at times... 

Could it be the chicken poop on your back porch?  No.  

Could it be the cows, who ate Luke's onions that he worked so hard to grow?  Nah.  

Could it be the raccoons who are STILL trying each and every night to break into our chicken coop? Nope. 

Could it be the SKUNK that was eating cat food on my porch a few nights ago?  Nu-uh.

 Could it be the eight-mile trip (one way) into town just for a Sonic drink?  No (but that is close to the top of my list! ha ha)  

How about not having a neighbor close from whom I might borrow a cup of sugar?  Not even close - I kinda like that!!  

How's about the 30 mile drive to the nearest Wal-Mart?  Nope.   That isn't it, either.

THE WORST THING ABOUT LIVING IN THE COUNTRY IS THE INTERNET SERVICE!!!!!  My "supposedly" high-speed satellite internet is so painfully slow that I can hardly upload a picture.  This is why my posts lately have been so plain... I just don't have the TIME (or patience) to try and upload them when it is SOOOOOO SSLLOOWWWWWWWWW!!!  

OK - I'm done griping now.

On a FAR more serious note, I need my three readers to pray for my darling, sweet, wonderful brother-in-law, Matt.  Matt is a youth minister with Young Life Ministries, and (even though I am biased) he is SO GREAT at what he does.  He has been in Italy doing a summer camp for teen children of American Military Personnel stationed in Europe.  A few days ago, he dove into a swimming pool in a resort in Italy and broke his neck.  He has been in a hospital in Italy for several days, but he has been discharged today, and it seems all is as good as it can be.  He can walk, and though he is in pain, it appears he will be able to travel back to the US with the group of Young Lifers.  This is SO GREAT, because he needs to be seen by US Doctors.  He hasn't been impressed with the hospital or the level of care.  So pray for him.  Pray he will make it back to the US, and pray that the broken bones in his neck will heal.  Pray that there is no permanent damage.  Pray for healing.  Our entire family thanks you... we just love ole' Matt!!!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely we will be praying for Matt! -Casey

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief! One of my co-workers brothers did that and he is now paralized from the neck down. So he is lucky in the sense that he can still walk! We will be thinking about him! - You Cuz, Laura

Anonymous said...

Betsy--it me your lurker. I will put Matt in my prayers. Hope that his trip home will be speedy as he needs family for support. In prayer, Vi

Amy said...

That's terrible. We will be praying for Matt and your family! Sounds like he was pretty lucky though in that he can still walk!!

kristi said...

Wow! This is exactly why I don't like to see people diving into pools. Yes, we will keep Matt in our prayers and I know that he needs to see his family as much as you need to see him right now.

The Borchgardt Bunch said...

Betsy, I will be praying for Matt. How awful and tragic. I am so grateful God has protected him thus far.