Thursday, July 3, 2008

Matt Update!!

Thanks, friends, for praying for my crazy brother-in-law, Matt.  He is safely home, back on good ole' USA soil (just in time to celebrate the 4th of July... MY!  What a patriotic guy!) :-)

He is doing well.  Young Life provided him with a "lovely" French nurse, Joslyn, who flew the entire trip home with him.  Apparently she helped him through customs, sat with him in "business class", took his vital signs, etc. etc.   Matt said she was part nurse, part body guard, and he would LOVE to have her travel with him every time he needs to go anywhere!!  We are just thankful that he is at home, feeling pretty well (considering he has a broken neck!)  He begins the task on Monday of seeing lots of specialists to see exactly what kind of damage he really has.

Welcome home, Matt.  You scared us.  

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Amy said...

So glad he made it back to US soil!! Sounds like things are going pretty well. Keep us informed!