Monday, July 7, 2008


Hi, internet-y people!  We are on vacation this week in the lovely town of Port Aransas.  We were afraid it was going to rain every day (which was forecasted).  So far, it has rained some every day, but as soon as it stops raining, we've headed to the beach! Actually, the first day we went TO the beach in the rain, because it was just sprinkling a little... the kids thought it was GREAT!  Luke and I have decided we like this weather... overcast skies mean it's not so HOT!  The pools here are fabulous, too.  They have big water slides, and waterfalls.  One of the pools is only 2 feet deep, so Grace can even swim without floaties.  She's in heaven1

So, that's me checking in!  We're having fun!  Chat soon!!!


kristi said...

Oh Betsy, we just got back from there. Check my blog out. You have to go get one of the shrimp suckers. The girls will absolutely love it and so will you and Luke. I think they are like $35.00. Have a blast.

Shelley said...

Thanks for checking in. The girls and I are missing you! The country club is just not the same :) Have a great time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey we LOVE Port A! We went a few weeks ago. We have friends that have a beach house down there so we go quite often! Hope you have a blast!!

Your Cuz!