Friday, December 19, 2008

Take a deep breath...

...because now I can relax and enjoy the holidays a little more.  A lot of the "craziness" ended as the week ended, and SCHOOL IS OUT!!!  Here is just a little bit of what went on this week...

Abs and Gracie had a little mini-dance recital this week.  They were pretty cute.  Here is Miss Abby with her BFF, Lainey, ready to dance.  Here are the sisters, ready to dance and look lovely.

Here are all the little girls in both classes.
Our church also had their annual Christmas Cantata, followed by Taste of FBC, which is a snack supper and "funny" talent show.  Santa usually makes an appearance here, so I was able to get a cute pic with "the big guy".

Hope your holidays are special, and SLOW, like mine are now going to be! ha ha!

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Amy said...

Awesome!! Super cute pictures!! Have I meantioned lately that I sure do wish my Kate and your Kate were together again!!:(