Sunday, August 2, 2009

FBC SMC 2009

It's a "photo fest" today, all about our church's Summer Music Camp last week.  We were fortunate enough to have a professional photographer document our week, and then make all the images available to us.  SO... even on the days where I forgot my camera, I have photos!  LOVE IT!!!

I love this photo... This is Abby and Hope, who were both in the Yellow Yak Group.  They both wore an old VBS shirt, which said "Upon this rock I will build my church."  Perfect message, since these kids are the future of our church and our faith.Miss Grace was a Purple Panda for the week.  She particularly enjoyed crafts...

Here is the FABULOUS crafty staff...
... and here is "Little Purple Riding Hood."  I don't know why, but she adored the purple bandana that her group leader gave her, and insisted on wearing it like this.
Here is the group photo of all the campers and staff.  You can see the stage a little bit here, but I'll upload a close-up of it from my camera later.
Here is our fabulous music minister, John, leading all the little singers. (Abby is right there in front in her Yellow shirt.)
Here's Miss Ab, singing loudly.
Grace, playing hard.
Here I am, helping Kate and Miss Trinity paint the banners.  Look at all that tape!  We placed each piece of tape on, one at a time before the kids started to paint.  It took FOREVER!!!!
Here is Miss Abby at "water day".  Safe to say, she's having a blast!
Gracie loves the bubbles.
Here is Kate, who played the role of one of the palace cooks, named Elizabeth.  She's practicing her solo here.
During rec time, Bridgette came up with some FUNNY games.  Not only did the kids bob for apples...
... they also bobbed for VEGETABLES, like potatoes and even carrots!
Here are kate and Grace with friends inside the Moon Jump at the Carnival on Friday.
It was a fabulous week.  Thanks to everyone who had a part in it, especially our Music Minister, John!  John and his lovely wife, Lindsay, are moving on to a new call at a new church, and we will miss them SO MUCH!!  Thanks for all you've done, and good luck!  We love you!


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Looks like sooo much fun! Great job on the crafts! Very crafty!