Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More SMC Pics...

Just in case you hadn't seen enough pics from SMC '09, here come some more!! :-)  I promised some "close-up" shots of the stage and the scenery, which the children made in craft class.  (Just as an aside, let me say, "Sweet Mercy!!!  My country-fried internet took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to upload these.  It was painful, friends.  Painful.  And then, blogger didn't even put them in the order in which I loaded them!!  Grrr.")  OK!  Enough of my little fit there... on with the show (in no particular order!! ha ha)

Around the baptistry, we made huge crowns.  The kids cut out and glittered giant jewels to adorn these crowns, because the name of the musical was "Good KINGS Come in Small Packages."  (Get it: kings... crowns... I know you're feeling me here!)  Then we took brightly colored gossamer fabric and draped it around the crowns.  There were crowns on both sides of the baptistry, which framed the cross at the back.
The best parts of the stage BY FAR were the HUGE 11 foot long banners that the kids painted to look like giant  stained glass windows.  We made these out of black canvas and then used painters tape to make it look like stained glass.  Then the kids painted it with shiny iridescent paint, so it looked like the "windows" were illuminated from the other side.  Then we took gold fabric and made symbols from the musical to adorn each pane of the "window".  I still can't believe how well these turned out.  I love them!
During part of the musical, the kids sang a song about the 10 commandments.  One of the gals working on the musical spent the better part of the week making these numbers (one through ten, of course) out of foam insulation board.  After she painted them black, we took them and used the pre-schoolers hands to make hand prints all over them.  Then, during the song, as the children sang about each commandment, a child held up the corresponding number.  They turned out super cute, even if T.J. did have to work on them for a week!!  ;-)  Here is number 10:
So, finally, here is a shot of the entire stage.  It looked great!  
Thanks, craft team, and thanks CAMPERS, for a job well done!


Shelley said...

Looks good, crafting mommas!!!

kristi said...

I have to tell you that I thought the "window" was part of the remodel you guys did - a real stain glass window. Excellent job!!

Liz said...

Wow... that looks awesome. Great job crafty ladies! I agree that the stained glass windows look pretty good there. Maybe you should leave them up :)

JSW said...

You did a knock-out job on the set. And those banners are one of a kind. Will you mail me a CD of you pictures?