Sunday, April 25, 2010

The recap of Matt and Leslie's wedding...

Before I even get started on this little post, let me just say: Blogger is crazy. It uploaded this photo in the wrong place! This one was supposed to be last! UGH! Any way, I guess just imagine that this pic really IS last, because I REALLY don't want to upload all the pics again! ha ha! And, you can't see Kate in this pic at all, but the "official" wedding photographer was taking pics, and I thought it unwise to re-position everyone just because I couldn't see her to snap a shot on my phone... so I just let that one go! I'm real flexible that way...
This weekend we were lucky enough to get to go to Houston to witness a new family being formed. Luke's youngest brother, Matt, married his perfect match, Leslie. It was a beautiful wedding. What an honor to see God's plan come together for these two!

I warn you, this post will be a "picture-fest"... I did not remember my camera, (I know... you aren't surprised, are you?). However, now I have an I-phone, and viola! I now have a phone with me always! Beautiful!!!

Here is Luke's family. Pretty good looking bunch (especially that guy over on the far left side!)
And here's the reason we came in the first place! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Killian!
Here are 3 of the MOST beautiful little candle bearers I have ever seen. There were 6 other little candle bearers there that were pretty darn cute, too! (That's right... if you just did the math in your head, there were NINE children in the wedding ON OUR SIDE ALONE. Leslie's two nephews were also involved, which made ELEVEN CHILDREN IN THE WEDDING PARTY. Matt and Leslie are the bravest bride and groom I have ever met. Eleven children sounds like a recipe for disaster, but REALLY, they were all absolutely perfect! It was lovely.)
Here is my happy little family, posing with the groom before the ceremony.
And here's ABBY...
And little GRACE (Note the busted chin... It has a pound of make-up on it! ha!)
And the eldest niece, Miss KATE. She did a fabulous job coordinating all the younger nieces and nephews!
It was just a perfect wedding. We had a wonderful time! Congrats to the happy couple!