Monday, August 23, 2010

I did not cry...

...but it was still tougher than I thought dropping off my baby for Kindergarten today. She did great. I was oh, so proud of her. She was big and brave and wonderful, and I felt a chapter of our "book of life" slamming shut. We have no more pre schoolers. No more babies. We even have a *GASP* Jr. High Student living in our house now! I won't lie... it was tough.

But I am so very happy and reaffirmed that the decision I made last year to go back to work was THE RIGHT DECISION. Even though Kate is in Jr. High, she's just down the hall. Even though Grace is in Kindergarten, she's really just down the hall in the opposite direction. Abby is literally next door to me. I see them all day, every day. I love that. I am SOOOOOO much a part of their lives. Maybe more than ever!

I did take pictures this morning, but I'll be really honest... I'm too tired to load them right now. Soon, I promise!

Day #1 was a huge, wonderful, awesome, great SUCCESS.

Bring on day #2!!


Shelley said...

YAY! So glad you enjoyed it :) It is tough but it is awesome to be at work where your babies are!!! I had to go see Gracie at lunch, too! She was too cute yesterday :) And Miss Kate in Jr. High... I still cant grasp it, but my Abbey will be there next year! I think Lainey is still in a bit of depression that she and Abby are not in the same class for the very first time. Hope they make it through the year!

Anonymous said...

Great! Have a good year. Love, Mom