Friday, August 20, 2010

Well, Hi there.

Well, Hi there! Haven't heard from me in quite some time, huh?

Let's just say it's been a LITTLE busy this week.

I've been in "teacher training" since last Friday, while at the same time trying to get my classroom ready for "Meet the Teacher" Night, which was last night.


My room looked great, and I had 11 little darlings come out to meet me. I am going to call it a success.

On an even brighter note, dear hubby was in charge of taking OUR three darlings to meet the teacher night. Alone. As in without me. And, did I mention he also had to manage to drop off their school supplies with their teachers and additionally find all 8 classrooms in the Jr. High, get her schedule, find her locker, AND attend 6th grade orientation? (I know... I know... Your head is spinning. Mine was, too. I thought this had "DISASTER" written all over it!)

But, clearly I don't give the man enough credit. He did fine. Better than fine, actually. He did GREAT. Everyone was happy, and they got everything accomplished. I think hubby feels very proud of his accomplishment!

Now, today, one last day of teacher inservice and planning. Then comes what I am referring to as the "Last Free Weekend For A Very, Very, Very Long Time". I am hoping to enjoy it and *GASP* not go to my classroom over the weekend.

Because, on MONDAY, "it" begins!!!!!

I think I am ready. And, in the words of Rhino the Hamster from the movie "Bolt"...



Anonymous said...

Great! And, you are organized enough to blot at 7 a.m. I am impressed! Keep it up. Love, Mom

kristi said...

We don't give our husbands near enough credit. I know I don't. Enjoy your weekend.