Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break 2011...

... is in full swing at Casa de Killian, and we are loving every minute of doing NOTHING. We have taken several little day trips, but nothing too exciting. Today we dropped my car off to be serviced in Waco and got a "loaner" vehicle for the day, and had big plans to go to the zoo. When we drove up to the parking lot, not only was the ENTIRE parking lot marked "FULL", but the overflow parking lot was also marked "FULL". I bribed the girls with ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WHOLE WORLD YOU CAN THINK OF THAT YOU HAVE EVER WANTED TO DO. ANYTHING ELSE. NAME IT. IT'S YOURS. JUST PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME GO IN THERE WITH THAT MASS OF HUMANITY , INCLUDING 75,000 OTHER SNOTTY NOSED CHILDREN THAT BELONG TO OTHER PEOPLE. (or something like that...)

So, they chose to go and paint pottery. It was nice and rather therapeutic. We enjoyed it. Now would be an EXCELLENT time for a picture, if I had taken one, but.... you know me. I did not.:-) Kate made a picture frame for one of her friends for her birthday, Grace painted a garden gnome (strange choice, I know, but we just saw Gnomio and Juliet yesterday...), and Abby painted a spotted kitty cat. I painted a basketball that Kate REALLY wanted (but she was painting the picture frame...).

After pottery, we went to Lion's Park. It is an old-fashioned park that has a carousel and a train and go carts and mini-golf and all sorts of kiddie-rides. The girls had a blast.

By then, I was pretty much ready to bolt for home, but they still hadn't finished with my car, so we went for ice cream...

Then off for a little shopping....

Then we just gave up and went and tracked down my car. They STILL weren't done, and the guy confessed that they probably were not going to finish today. ARGGGGHHH!!!!! He said to just take the loaner home and come back tomorrow.

This guy obviously does not REALIZE that we've already had all the fun that we can have in Waco!!!!

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