Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Boy, am I overwhelmed.

We are taking a little break from reality later this week.  

We are going skiing with my brother and his family, and we are so excited.  New Mexico, here we come!!

However, until them, I will be STRESSED, because all of the preparation and planning will fall upon my shoulders.  

And, I need to get started.  So, if I am out of touch for a while, know that I'm away somewhere.... being stressed, so I can be relaxed.  :-}


Amy said...

It's like cleaning for the cleaning lady!! I love it!!:) We are so much alike!! Sure do miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow Betsy, you do have a lot on your shoulders. I have never been skiing, but plan on it someday. After all the stress of getting you guys there, it will be nice to have a little r & r. You sure deserve it. I know you do a lot. Looking forward to Katie and Kirsten playing softball together!

Lisa said...

so jealous - I wish we could go skiing with you guys! And I love the fact that you (as in all of us) get so stressed trying to get there and then I (at least) get stressed at the mountain of laundry upon return - but oh the time in the middle is so fun!