Sunday, February 8, 2009

The "other" Room

Before all the birthdays and all the sickness, I was telling y'all about the big "re-do's" that have been going on upstairs in our house, and I promised that I'd show you the photos of Abby & Grace's new room.  SO!  Here are some pictures.

Here's their dresser and pictures (now imagine that I had taken time to move the cordless phone and the hammer... hmmm.)  (Also, imagine that there isn't a huge "flash" reflection on the glass of that picture.  Sorry!  A photographer I am not.)
Here are their bunk beds, complete with new purple and yellow "fairy" bedding.  (Look in the bottom bunk... there is a little Gracie hiding in there!  She was so excited about her bed, she wouldn't get out of it!!)
And, last but not least, their closet doors.  They really like the butterflies and flowers that I added.  They were so easy... peel and stick!  Gotta' love it!
And there is the big re-do reveal!  The girls are still loving their rooms, although this weekend when Grace was sick, Kate and Abby had a little "sleep over" together in Kate's room, and (even though I don't think Kate would admit it), they had a wonderful time being together again.  It was pretty sweet.  Can't hide that "sistah love!"


Gettysburg Mom said...

Sorry about the illness. Kids frequently bring home more than stray animals.

As to the hammer, Atlee frequently has a hammer in her room. She's also got quite a thing for tape measures.

The room looks great!

Shelley said...