Thursday, February 26, 2009

Basketball Ends...

Tonight Kate's little dribbler basketball team finished off their season.  And, BOY!  Did they go out with a bang!!!  They played possibly their best game of the year.  When the final buzzer sounded, the score was tied.  The league rules state that in the event of a tie, the game will be decided by free throws.  Each team chooses 3 players to shoot, and it is sudden death.  SO... we lined up our players, and off we went.  Kate was one of the players chosen to shoot.  Their team won the coin toss, and elected to shoot first.  Their player shot and scored.  Our first player, Casey, lined up to shoot.  She had to make it, or the game was over.  SHE MADE THE SHOT!!  So, on we went to the second round.  The other team lined up to shoot, and their player missed the shot.  Now it was Kate's turn to shoot.  No pressure... she shot the ball... AND SCORED!!!  Kate's shot won the game!!!  She was over the moon!!  (Luke did get all this on video, and when my internet is running a little faster, I will definitely have to post it.  It is priceless!!)

Here is Kate, lining up to shoot the winning basket.

An action shot - Kate's looking for an open player under the goal.

Here is "Mom, the Coach", giving a little advice during half time.
And, finally, here is the entire team after the game, proudly wearing their medals.  (I was taking the picture... their other coach, Becky, is proudly posing with them.)
Great job; great season.  (Now, on to softball!! :-}  )

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Shelley said...

It was a GREAT game! Glad we got to see the last few minutes of it :)