Monday, April 6, 2009

The "Official" Re-Cap of my Triathlon...

I promised to tell you the "saga" that was my triathlon, so here goes!

We got up at 5:00, and made it to the race site by 5:30, which was WAY too early.  Luke dropped me off, and then took the kids to eat breakfast at IHOP, because his race was on Sunday.  I went in and found my spot in the transition and got it all set up. Then I had time to wait and get nervous.

I almost backed out when I saw how long the swim was, but my brother-in-law, Matt, and his girlfriend, Leslie, were there to talk me out of it.  So, I decided to just go for it.  I wanted to get in the water to see how cold it was and get used to it, so I walked in at the beach.  Unfortunately, there were oyster beds there, and I cut my feet up!  They were stinging in the salt water and bleeding everywhere.  Great.  I could just imagine the sharks smelling the blood!  I got out of the water and tried to kinda get them to stop bleeding. By the time my wave of racers entered the water, they weren't bleeding too badly.   I had also lost my goggles somewhere here at home, and I was going to use a pair of Luke's.  Unfortunately, when I got into the water and went under for the first time, they filled up with water.  Hmmm... note to self... don't start a race with a new, untried pair of goggles!  So, 20 strokes into the race, I took off the goggles and threw them into the water.   One of the lifeguards got them and yelled to me that she would take them up to the start and leave them there for me.  I said, "Don't bother!!"  So then, I had to try and swim a 1/3 mile race without sticking my head in the water.  I side stroked and breast stroked and back stroked... as long as I was making forward progress, I wasn't too bothered with my speed.  As I was swimming along, an over-zealous swimmer from the next wave came up and was passing me and WHACK!  He hit me so hard in the face that I LITERALLY saw stars.  I rolled over on my back and just floated for awhile until I could see straight.  A lifeguard hollered out to ask me if I was OK.  I assured her I was all right.  Once I was oriented again, I rolled over and began breast stroking again.  By then, I was about half-way finished.  I kept swimming, just like Dory said from Nemo.. "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..."  All of a sudden, my calf muscle cramped up SO BADLY I couldn't stand it!  I squealed and rolled over on my back, so I could float and try to stretch out the muscle.  I finally got it worked out a little bit, and backstroked for a little while to rest my calf.  Anytime I tried to kick it would begin to cramp up again.  SO, I decided to just roll over and try to shut my eyes really tight and just swim free style as hard and as fast as I could.  Then I would open my eyes and see where I was.  Then I would re-aim myself in the right direction and swim again, only using my arms, because if I kicked, my calf would cramp up.  This was a good tactic... I covered some distance this way, and was able to finish the swim.  However, I was TIRED by now, and came up out of the water walking.  Definitely NOT running.  Luke and the girls and Leslie were there, waiting to see if I was alive or if I was shark bait!  The wet suit strippers helped me get out of my wet suit, which I threw over the fence to Luke.  He said, "What do you want me to do with this?"  I said, "I don't care!"  I walked on in to the transition area, and started to catch my breath.  I ate a little energy bar and drank some water and started to feel better.  I went on out on the bike, and I actually started to feel pretty good.  It was a nice ride... right along the sea wall, where you could see the ocean.  The wind was really blowing, though... 15-18 mph.  Not fun!  But, at least the course was flat.  I knew that things were OK when I actually had the thought, "I am so glad I ONLY have to run a 5K now!"  In the past, the run has been the part that I dreaded!  I cruised into transition and began the run, which went really smoothly (even with cut feet!!)  I ran the whole thing without walking!  Yay for me!

Believe it or not, even with all the technical difficulties, it was still really fun!  I can't wait to "tri" another one!!


Shelley said...

Way to go! I still would LOVE to see some pictures :)

Anonymous said...

You rock!! What an awesome accomplishment! Love, Roxanne

Bonnie said...

That sounds awesome! I can't believe all the mishaps you had... that totally sounds like what I anticipate my first tri being like! Memories!
I'm so proud of you! I wish I could do one with you before I leave, but I think I may not have enough time! When I get to San Diego, we can chat via blog-commenting and compare our feats! I'm definitely doing one this year!
Congrats on finishing! I'm proud of ya!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on finishing with that rocky start!!