Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If you have time today, say a prayer for my nephew, Aidan, who had surgery to remove his tonsils yesterday.  He's fine, but now the recovery begins.  And, that's the hard thing to explain to a 2 year old!  Pray for healing.  Pray for strength, patience, and stamina for his parents.

And, while you're at it, if you have any prayers left, pray for Randy.  He's one of Luke's partners.  He also had surgery today on his neck.  It's scary.  But he also came through surgery fine, and we are hopeful he'll make a full recovery.

Prayer is powerful.  Let's ask God for all his healing power for these two great guys!


Bonnie said...

holy smokes, Betsey, that's a lot of praying. And I'm a very efficient prayer... I get things done :-)

By the way, your hair is NOT white trash.... it isn't long enough or stringy enough. You're still a cutie!

But, blog about your changes!! I can't wait to see what you decide! I'm thinking, super freak blonde bob! You would look so hot!

Anonymous said...

Yes! (Mom)