Sunday, April 19, 2009

Abby and Kasidy's Birthday Party

We FINALLY got around to having a party for Abby's 7th B-day yesterday... YES, I know it's almost a full month after her real birthday, but we have had MAJOR STUFF going on every weekend since her big day... call, Triathlon, Palm Sunday, Easter... the kind of stuff we couldn't actually reschedule.  After to talking to a friend of mine whose daughter ALSO has recently had her 7th b-day, we realized that they both wanted to have the same part (at Build-a-B*ar), and they both wanted to invite each other and the same little friends.  SO... by the time we added in all the sisters, we had 8 young ladies to take to the party.  We went there and then to a wild lunch at Peter-Pip*r Pizza... it was a fabulous day, and I think you can see from the photo that ALL the girls had a great time.  I do have other pictures, but only because Luke remembered the camera.  (I forgot it, true to form!)  I will try and upload them later.  For now, Happy Birthday Abby and Kasidy!  Thanks for having a great idea for a great party!


Lindsay said...

What a fun party!!

Bonnie said...

That looks like a lot of fun! When I was young all my friends had parties at Peter Pip*r Pizza (why the astrick, you holding out for a big endorsement deal?)