Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a day...

I have to tell you, internets, it was NOT a good day.

I crashed my car today.

I am fine, but my very cool jeep is NOT ok.  

In fact, it is not drivable.

This does not make me happy.  

In fact, I am very sad, as the accident was my fault.

Luckily, no one else was involved.  I hit a pole in a parking lot.  This doesn't sound too bad, but MY LANDS!!!  You should see my jeep!  It looks like I plowed head on into a 747 jet liner!  It is totally crushed... bumper, grill, hood, everything.  Smoke was flowing out the top, and so I decided to quickly limp to the local body shop before it died on the road.  Carlos (body shop man) took one look at it and just shook his head.  He didn't look real hopeful that there wasn't engine damage.  I am TELLING you folks, I could not have been doing over 5 mph when I hit the pole.  No WAY could it be that bad... but apparently it is.

And I am bummed.  And feeling really stupid.  So say a prayer for me... clearly I need it.


kristi said...

Oh Betsy, I think that cool jeep has had a target on it from the beginning. Do you think it just tried to commit suicide? Today will be better.

Amy said...

If I were there, we would SO go shopping today!! A good trip to the mall would make you feel so much better!

I absolutely agree with Kristi. That jeep does not want to live on this earth another minute! Maybe your crazy life is just too much for it to handle!!:)

Love ya girl! (and to make you feel better, just remember when I left my children in the car and Case drove my car into a parked vehicle!) Now, if that doesn't make you feel LESS stupid, nothing will!!

head up!:)

Lindsay said...

Glad you are okay!!

And your new layout is so cute! love it!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get rid of it! If it did that much damage going that slow, it probably isn't safe to be driving your family around in.

`Your Cuz, Laura