Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Camp 2009

 Every year for the past 3 years our church has hosted a music camp for children.  We take a week and praise God by teaching children an ENTIRE Christian musical in one week.  It is amazing, awe-inspiring, energizing, and exhausting all at the same time.

Today was day one.

My lands, am I tired!!

But, I am working with amazing people, and am really having fun.

I know you will be so totally surprised when I tell you that I DID NOT forget my camera today!!  I took lots of pictures, but really, I'm too tired to load any of them tonight.  My country-fried internet is just too painful and slow.  I'm not up for the beat down.  Maybe tomorrow.

Please take a moment to pray for the success of our little church's music camp.  The performance is Friday evening, and I simply can't wait to see the gifts that God has given to the children in our community!

Also pray  that the adults have the stamina to keep up with those kids until Friday, because really, the best way to describe this experience would be to compare it a VBS, but a VBS on steroids, and with a musical track constantly playing in the background!

Happy Monday - God bless Music Camp!


JSW said...

Indeed, pray!

Liz said...

AWESOME! I didn't know what was going on! I wish we were going to be here on Friday to come watch. What a blessing it is to have people like you guys doing this! Have a good one today! I'll say a few prayers :)

Lindsay said...

Happy Day 2!