Monday, December 28, 2009

Let it SNOW!!!!!

On Christmas Eve, it SNOWED here in Texas!! And, I don't mean just a little bit... it S-N-O-W-E-D!!!! We had blizzard-like conditions for much of the day. It was right at freezing when it started, but had been nearly 70 degrees the day before, so the ground was warm. It took a good while for the snow to begin to stick. Once it stuck, it was FANTASTIC!! The girls were able to make snow angels, and they spent a good long while sledding down our back hill with their Daddy. We don't own a sled, but do you remember when we had internet problems with our bent dish a while back???? Well, we had a bent dish from our cows scratching themselves on our dish. We still had that old satellite dish, and it made a PERFECT sled!! The girls had a ball. And, the best part was, when we woke up the next morning, we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! Here are some of my favorite pics from the snowy day...

The wind was blowing SO hard, and it was SO cold, the girls were freezing. Here's what Abby's face looked like when she came in from the cold.
Here are Kate and Abby, headed out to play when the snow started.
Even Trixie, the expert cow dog, played in the snow... she doesn't look too thrilled, does she?!?!
Here is the mighty Miss Grace, about to blow away.
Here are the girls, swinging in the snow.
We were dreaming of a white Christmas, and we got one! What a wonderful memory for some Texas girls!!


Lindsay said...

oh how fun!!

Amy said...

So fun! Poor Miss Abby's face! Now THAT is cold!

Liz said...

Sounds like a great time. I wish we would've gotten to enjoy it! We didn't get any out in the wilderness of East TX. Glad you all had a fun time!

Michelle said...

Abby's looks like she has a serious wind burn pour baby. I bet playing in the snow was worth it 8-)
god bless your family